Discover the Easiest Way to Move Large Furniture Alone

Moving from your old place to the new one is stressful and time-consuming enough, and if you add the challenging task of having to move your furniture on your own, you’re in a mess! Some pre-move jobs are more demanding than others, but with a little bit of effort, it can all be done. Here are a few tips on how to safely move large furniture alone. But remember, if at any time you decide it’s too risky, don’t hesitate to call a professional.

1.Find the Right Equipment for the Job

Let’s start with the most essential thing you need to do. In order to move any heavy household item, you need the right equipment, and this includes:

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The Top Superstitions of Moving To A New Home

Home, the spot on this earth supremely best. A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest. Are you moving to anew home? Well, this one is just for you. But, before we go any further, let me say: Cheers to new adventures! It is indeed an exciting feeling to be moving.

Every culture has traditions that they follow when they are making big moves in life and for a move as big as this one, you must take a look at these superstitions that will bring good luck to your new home.

#1 Carry bread and salt

This tradition hails from the Jewish people. They see bread as a basic food that symbolizes sustaining life. Salt, on the other hand, will never spoil and this symbolizes one being permanent in his or her new home. Another belief is that salt has the power to ward off evil spirits when sprinkled in the rooms. So do not forget to bring your salt and
your bread.

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A Movers Guide to Packing Electronics

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How to Care for Expensive Furniture When Moving

Moving to a new home poses some serious challenges. There’s plenty of things to worry about, and one of the most pressing matters is moving expensive furniture. Whether you own antique furniture or more modern but equally as valuable pieces of furniture, you’ll want to do your best to keep them safe. We understand how important the safety of your belongings is, which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive list of things to do to ensure no luxury item gets damaged during a move.

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Professional Packers Guide: Inside Tips from the Pros

Did you know that your ability to make the right decision can either make your move smooth or turn it into an utter chaos? If you plan beforehand and make the right moves, you have a perfect recipe for a comfortable relocation from start to finish. Take the wrong decisions and you will experience first-hand why relocating is known as one of the life’s most stressful events.

There are so many decisions you will need to make during the process of moving your belongings from your old home to the new one. So, it’s time to get better with your decision-making skills before its too late. One of the most important and initial decisions you will probably take while moving your home is whether or not to hire professionals.

If you have two months or more at hand before the moving date, you may perhaps consider doing a large part of the packing. However, if you need to move within two weeks or there are a lot of fragile items to move, it’s better to let the experts take care of that.

Professional packers have the experience and resources to pack your belongings responsibly and move them from one location to another safely. When you let the professionals take care of the moving process, you can focus on other important aspects of relocation such as paying utility bills, changing addresses in banks, discontinuing the Internet connection, etc.

Now that you have decided to hire professional packers for your move, here are some insider tips from the pros to help you prepare for the big day.

1. Get rid of any unwanted items that you don’t use anymore to reduce the shipment weight and also save on the moving cost. There’s no point in paying to carry useless stuff from your old home only to hoard them in a new location. Set up a yard sale, donate to charities, or sell them online.

2. The professional packers may refuse to pack hazardous items that are explosive, corrosive, or flammable. So, make sure you dispose of the toxic and hazardous stuff before the packers arrive on the day.

3. The professionals will create a list anyway but we recommend that you also make an inventory of your possessions before the packers arrive at the door. The detailed checklist will make it easier for you to check items when they are delivered.

4. Prepare your home for professional packers and make a no-pack zone where you keep things you will move on your own. Keep essential boxes that contain first aid, prescription medicine, non-perishable food items, plastic utensils, toiletries, etc.

5. Pre-pack some of the smaller things such as collector’s items to have more control over the sensitive belongings during the moving process.

Finally, when the professional packers arrive, we would suggest that you leave them to do their job but you may still be around if they have any questions. Also, don’t forget to show what a considerate host you are by offering snacks and beverages.

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