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Packers and Movers Orlando

Everything you need for a move can be found at Nice Guy Movers Orlando because we understand that packing and moving can seem like a daunting task, and we want to help you make the process easier.

We know that there are endless decisions to be made and that one of the first questions can be perplexing: Where do I start? Even for someone who has moved before, the situation is no different, so we are here to help.

Orlando packers and boxes

When individuals or companies want to hire our services to handle the move, we can provide the necessary assistance, the distance is long or short because moving is our business, and our team of professionals knows exactly what needs to be done and how to carry out the move leaving every client with great satisfaction.

Our moving company in Orlando is highly qualified, so when people prefer to handle the move themselves, either because they feel more comfortable or because they have been through the process before and have an idea of how to do the job, and also have the logistics to get it done, but want some packing supplies such as boxes, or perhaps some useful information related to techniques and tips on the process, our movers can provide all the guidance and supplies they need.

boxes, table and chairs packed for moving

Those who choose and hire us, feel the security of having a qualified team. We perform any of these services or all of them at once, if required: packing, loading, driving to a new location, and unloading. Our team of professionals is well-trained, efficient, experienced, and supportive.

Boxes, tables, and chairs packed for moving

Those who begin the transition of a move do not have the obligation to carry the weight of this process on their shoulders alone. Nice Guy Movers will accompany all those who are moving to lend a hand with our expertise to make the process easier. From packing to loading, our Orlando packers and movers are reliable and committed to the work they do.


With more than thirty years of experience in the moving industry, at Nice Guy Movers Orlando we have perfected the techniques to carry out each move to its final destination ensuring that each object is delivered in perfect condition. Between these techniques and the use of proper materials to carry out the task of packing and wrapping, we take the time to find high-quality supplies that will be used in each service; carrying from the lightest to the heaviest without putting the objects at risk during the journey.

Boxes are a fundamental part of every move, which is why we make sure that the supplies used in these devices are of the highest quality to guarantee total protection and coverage for your belongings.

In the same way, this material is used to contribute to the environment, since it is one hundred percent recyclable, helping to reduce pollution.  Ask about our moving supplies now.