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Orlando Storage

At Nice Guy Movers Orlando we not only provide reliable moving services, we also have high-tech storage facilities. Our storage units are climate-controlled and feature advanced security technology that ensures integrated coverage for maximum reliability.

However, technology isn’t our only asset, because our team members are reliable, highly trained individuals who are on duty twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, providing central monitoring of facilities and minute-by-minute, real-time effectiveness reports.  Our Orlando, Florida team is trained to monitor local storage facilities, and they take their job very seriously.

Individuals or companies can fully rely on us to store their belongings in a safe and completely suitable place to keep their objects safe.

For those who need to store their possessions short or long-term; large for a complete move, or small for a few simple things, Nice Guy Movers Orlando offers you a storage service that suits your needs ensuring your total peace of mind.

When it comes to moving, whether long or short distance, it can often happen that the new home is not quite ready, and in the meantime, it is necessary to find a space where things can be stored safely. That is why people can use our Orlando moving services to help them pack and move their belongings to our secure storage facilities until the new property is ready for use. Our storage service is also widely used on an interim basis, as many people who are renovating or remodeling their homes want to do so with the property completely empty.

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Orlando Moving Company

Our Orlando moving company ensures that our storage facilities remain clean, climate-correct, and secure by expertly handling quality storage needs. We understand that customers care about their possessions and that is why they are always under our care and responsibility, free from the presence of pests and rodents; and also the very worrisome humidity.


In Nice Guy Movers Orlando we know that a clean unit, free of rodents and other pests, is very important, that is why our cleaning team strives to leave the facilities completely clean and sterilized. Cleaning prevents dust from accumulating on customers’ belongings or even on the boxes, preventing particles from filtering in and causing the deterioration of some objects. We also make quality controls to our facilities to make sure that a humidity problem will not occur and spread because we know that a good space guarantees a better service.

Our Orlando moving company has qualified technicians who continually update the security and climate control in our facilities. Whenever individuals or companies need short or long-term storage, they can rely on us. They should call Nice Guy Movers Orlando.