5 tips for packing your books

When you start packing your household items for a move, you tend to focus on the most delicate objects, such as dishes or glass ornaments used to decorate the living room, but the last thing that comes to mind is that books also require special care when packing them. For this reason, here are some tips to make the process of sorting your books eas

1. Do a little cleaning

It is important to establish priorities, it is not really necessary to have several copies of the same book, besides it is quite likely that many people have books that they no longer like or simply do not remember having. So, getting rid of those that are no longer useful will help make the load less of a burden.

They can be donated to libraries, thrift stores or given to family and friends, but if you want and need a little extra money, putting them on sale will be an excellent option for you.

2. Do not use boxes in bad condition

This step is extremely important, taking into account that book lots are heavy, it is essential to pack them in boxes that are in excellent condition. A reused cardboard box may present damages that would be unfavorable at the time of shipment; since this is a very delicate and susceptible material, using this option is not advisable. It is better to use plastic boxes, as they will be more resistant and easier to load and unload from the moving truck.

3. Look for the right box

Something that will help you a lot when packing your books and especially when moving them, is to choose the right container, it is essential that you do not try to keep them all in one big box, but on the contrary, sort them in boxes of different sizes, from small to medium. Taking this factor into account will be very useful, especially when you have to move them, it is much easier to carry several small boxes that are not too heavy, than to carry a large one with excessive weight.

4. Store your books according to the type of cover.

A good way to arrange the books inside the boxes is to place those with hard covers vertically, with the spine facing the walls of the box, while the books with soft covers should be placed lying one on top of the other. This will prevent the pages from bending or breaking during transport, as well as being the best way to distribute the weight.

5. Identify boxes with labels

Labeling your boxes may be the most important step to make unpacking easier when you move into your new home, so you will know that the boxes contain books and you will be able to assign them to the right room. On the other hand, identifying the boxes will help the movers know that they should be handled with special care, since their contents are delicate.

Now that you know our tips, you will be able to pack your books like a pro, and of course you will make sure they arrive safe and sound at their new destination, waiting to be placed in your favorite place.