Long distance moving: learn how to plan by weeks

Moving is one of the activities that requires a lot of organization, since it involves many important factors, not only in relation to the home, household goods, packing and so on, but also to day-to-day activities, such as studying, working, taking care of the family, cooking, washing clothes, among others. That is why it is necessary to carefully think about how to balance absolutely everything to avoid chaos and disorganization.

Although each person has their own habits and ways to plan, there are basic ways to help to carry out the activities, where one of them is to try to do these tasks on a weekly basis. Because, at the moment of not finding motivation, the word ” procrastination” may appear to do its thing. Believe us, the last thing you want to do is to postpone the responsibilities of the move.

How to make a weekly plan for a move?

When it comes to a move to the other side of the city, you need to find a way to adapt the time spent on daily activities to the tasks of the move, which is why you should start with:

One month before the move

This is an estimated time to think that there is still a chance to get things done, however, it is easy to be fooled. Therefore, in the first four weeks it is best to start arranging the garage, basement, attic, and places where you are not usually present but there are many household goods.

Three weeks before the move

It is a good option to start collecting the smallest household items, those that are not very useful. Always, thinking about organization and planning. That is why it is advisable to make a list of the existing belongings, in other words, an inventory.

Two weeks before moving

Once the small objects are packed, it is time to take care of the rooms, such as the bathroom, office, library, dining rooms, among others. Just as with the small items, it is necessary to write down the contents of each box.

One week before the move

During this time you start packing the kitchen, i. e., store the dishes, glasses, utensils, food that will last over time, household appliances, among others. In order to keep everything in order.

One day before the move

Although it is the most stressful day, you should pay the utmost attention, since it is time to dismantle everything related to the main room and large items. Also, organize all the important documents. And, as an extra tip, you should defrost the refrigerator.

Expected moving day

You should pack the clothes, pick up the bed and any items that have been left out. Also, organize the boxes so you don’t forget anything at all.

Even though moving is a very stressful and worrying process, rest assured that with good planning you will be able to cope very well with all the aspects involved. Arranging the household goods on a weekly basis will be enough to help you with the time and daily activities that need to be carried out.