What are the basic terms and conditions of a moving company?

Moving companies in recent times have gained a lot of strength in the United States, although they have existed for some time, it is now that the public has given them their true usefulness as a company that motivates and helps in the planning, packing and unpacking of the personal belongings of its customers. However, as users of such companies there is a tendency to ignore various contractual and administrative aspects of this type of business.

It is the conditions, terms and policies that make a company reliable, since they demonstrate the specific and general objectives, how the company deals with problems and provides solutions, quotes, contracts and other elements that are important in the whole moving process and the whole customer/company relationship.

What are the terms and conditions of a moving company?

It should be taken into account that not all moving companies are the same, since each one provides a service according to the needs of its customers. However, all of them have a legal foundation that they must comply with before the competent authorities and the market demands.

Therefore, each moving company must have the following terms and conditions in its establishment:

1. General aspects

It is necessary for the company to explain what are the main and specific objectives, not only in relation to the company, but also to the service it represents to the users. That is to say, a brief summary touching on the key points of the service and what they want people to know in the first instance.

2. Description of the service

In this section the company’s exact offerings should be described in depth. That is to say, it should explain clearly and concisely what the tools, methods and way of working are. It is important for the client to know what materials will be used to pack and carry out the entire moving process.


Many companies divide the service into different plans that could be coupled to the needs of their customers. This with the purpose that everyone can have access to the relocation with benefits. Therefore, the terms and conditions should explain very well how these plans are handled.

4. Damages and losses

This section is one of the most important, since, generally, the claims of the clients are usually strong. For this reason, the terms and conditions in relation to home and property insurance should be explained very well, i. e., for what or which things the company would be responsible and which ones it would not be responsible for.

5. Contracts

No deal can exist without a contract. Every moving company must present a contract that guides the legality of the agreements reached between the client and the company. Therefore, it is necessary to explain which are the regulations that rule the company and what are its needs in relation to legal standards.