Containers: What are they, can they be used for moving?

Every move must be well planned and organized, not only in terms of arranging the belongings, but also in the way they are moved and stored. In fact, the latter are extremely important, firstly because moving belongings from one place to another requires a certain technique and not everyone is able to do it. On the other hand, there are some objects that cannot be taken to the final destination, so they are stored in specific places for a certain period of time.

In this case, containers play an important role as a symbol of storage and transportation in the moving process. Although this type of service is generally used commercially, it can also be used according to the quantity, size and weight of the items to be moved from one place to another.

But, what are containers?

They are boxes that allow the loading and storage of any type of heavy or large goods. Therefore, it is a means of transportation that works very well when the move is extremely large. The main thing about this type of service is that it protects the belongings very well from knocks or weather conditions that could affect people’s belongings to a great extent.

Certainly, not all containers are basic and do not have the same dimensions. Since, each one has a certain functionality that must be respected, otherwise the objects could suffer any type of damage for not complying with the necessary requirements.

And, what are the types of containers?

Standard: these are large containers that can be within 20 and 40 feet. Generally, they are the most used for moving, since they have good support and do not leave spaces that may damage the belongings.
Dry Van or dry container: its main characteristic is that it is widely used by the commercial market, since it has special hermetic and non-refrigerated technologies. It has a capacity of approximately 20 and 40 feet.
Refrigerated container: it is a container that has an excellent conservation system to keep temperatures under control.

Which is the most used for moving?

Portable Container

Believe it or not, in the last few decades, portable containers have become very useful for short or long distance moves.

It is a new method to easily transport belongings from one place to another. Generally, they are not as large as commercial containers, but they are big enough to hold all the necessary belongings.

Nowadays, many moving companies use portable containers because of their convenience and ease when it comes to handling, care and protection of belongings. Another advantage is that in the event that the move cannot be carried out in a single trip, you have the possibility of returning and continuing to load as many times as necessary.

Its material is resistant and padded to protect any belongings stored inside it.