What is the difference between a national and an international move?

When we think about the different types of removals, both national and international, and we analyze their differences immediately, the first thing that comes to mind is to recognize each one by its territoriality. And that is indeed the case, but what about the other characteristics? Be it logistics, organization, time, space, among others.

Whatever it is, both have important aspects that must be fulfilled in order to create an effective moving process, whether it is from one city to another or from one country to another. The important thing is that the contracted company must be aware of the conditions and follow certain security measures for the belongings in order to keep them safe.

What is a national move?

It is a move from one city to another within the same country. This type of moving is usually in high demand, because, statistically in Orlando-Florida, there are usually many changes of homes that people make due to different factors. Such as a change of work zone, starting college, among others.

One of the main characteristics to determine what a national move is, obviously, is its territoriality. That is, the change of home within the same country. Consequently, there are certain criteria that companies engaged in this task must meet. Such as:

  • Moving method: Most of the time, moving companies offer trucks of a certain size or, alternatively, vans where all the client’s belongings can fit. On the other hand, they are usually done by land, regardless of the distance from one city to the other, unless it is mandatory to move by sea.
  • Time: domestic moves can take from 1 to 2 days depending on the city, weight of the truck and size.

What is an international move?

Just like a national move, its main characteristic lies in territoriality, but, this time, it is based on moving from one country to another. Therefore, the factors increase in their totality, namely:

  • Logistics: planning is usually rigorous, because being an international move, there are usually many things to think about. For example, the packing of belongings.
  • Method of transportation: without a doubt, this should be by air or, if not, by sea. Since, by land it would be very time consuming.
  • Time: an international move usually takes a certain amount of time, depending on the method of transportation and logistics, it can take from 1 week to 3 weeks.
  • Economy: as it is a move that takes a long time, and a rigorous logistics, the prices are usually quite high. However, many companies offer different types of services to reduce these expenses, such as shared or consolidated moves.