Easy ways to assemble and disassemble heavy curtains for moving

During a move, each piece of belongings has specific methods and ways of being stored, since according to the material, size and weight, the way it is packed, the tools used and even the position it is placed in the box to be moved from one place to another may vary. In other words, special care must be taken with each item so that it is not affected by any type of damage during the move, since if it is not disassembled and assembled correctly, some of the goods may get lost.

There are some items that are essential during a move, such as large household appliances, i.e. the kitchen, refrigerator, washing machine, among others, as well as small items such as living room decorations, tableware, glasses, personal accessories, and more. However, there are objects that can not be left aside and that are usually ignored, an example of this are the curtains.

People hardly ever think about how to assemble, disassemble and clean them during the moving process because, for some reason, they are usually not that important. The fact that society perceives them in this way does not mean that they should continue to be viewed in a manner that is oblivious to important belongings, therefore, it is essential to know certain tips for assembling and disassembling heavy curtains during the moving process.

Curtains are important in a move: How to treat them?

As mentioned above, curtains are those beautiful fabrics that must be cared for differently from other belongings. Due to their size and weight, they must be constantly cleaned so that they do not accumulate dust for months. When moving to a new home, this could cause respiratory problems for many people.

Generally, people in the household do not give enough attention to the canopies of the home, then the time of dismantling becomes complicated and stressful. So, it is recommended:

  • Before the move, constant care should be given to the curtains, as they tend to gather dirt from the house, therefore, it is recommended to clean them continuously to avoid bad experiences.
  • It is advisable to have at least two sets of canopies at home, the main idea is that they can be replaced when the others are in the process of cleaning.

How can curtains be assembled and disassembled when moving?

  • When unscrewing and storing the curtains, extreme care must be taken, since all the parts are essential to reassemble them. Therefore, each component that the curtains keep should be stored. And if necessary, write down each minimum tool to avoid losses.
  • When the person is already in the new home, it is good to measure in advance the space where you want to place the curtain. Since, by a miscalculation it may not be suitable for the new space. In case it does work, then the roller blind drum should be positioned to match between the ceiling and the wall.
  • It is important to mark all the holes before installation.
  • Positioning the brackets is the next step.
  • Then, the bar or track should be adjusted for each bracket.
  • And, finally place the fabric to accommodate its functionality.