Experts Talk: The Stress of Moving

The Stress of Moving

Those who have moved, even once, know that the pressure on their shoulders is increasing, and it doesn’t stop until several days after the installation in the new home. Yes, moving means a stressful change, according to experts.

There is a good chance that moving from one house to another will become a breeding ground for problems and unforeseen events that are not only related to packing up your life to install it elsewhere.

You should also know that it involves breaking the routine, changes in habits and a new situation that can create uncertainty, especially when the move is not entirely voluntary or is caused by economic reasons, a separation or a conflict.

Psychologists say that moving is, in addition to family grief and job dismissal, among the three situations that cause more stress for several reasons: physical exhaustion, emotional tiredness and anxiety.

Avoid sinking

Psychologists say that moving could cause what they call “grief over separation from the old house” and it is possible to end up with a depressive picture. Therefore, it is a good idea to take the situation with a different attitude, thinking about the possibilities that a new beginning can bring, despite the adversities.

Sometimes it seems difficult to see the positive side of a process, especially when you are in the eye of the hurricane; but crises have great opportunities and it is better to see everything in macro and not concentrate on the problems. Also, if moving involves children or animals, consider that they perceive your emotions and it affects them.

We are not telling you that you should resist your emotions, but instead of seeing the glass half empty, try to see it half full.

An excellent way to counteract the harmful effects of a move is to hire the services of a company that does the heavy lifting. In this way, you’ll save time and energy that you can use to adapt to what will be your new home.

Experience tells us that the most difficult thing is to pack the objects in boxes in an organized way, keeping what possibly has been kept for many years. It is also very tedious to move tables, chairs, beds and heavy and/or fragile objects, so having specialized help is a brilliant idea.

The characteristics of a serious company are many, but planning and organization must be the most important. Supplies must also be taken into account for your peace of mind, especially when it comes to things of great monetary and sentimental value which you want to preserve and you fear that they will damage during the move.

Some helpful tips

The most responsible advice is to be careful of accumulating unnecessary objects that would bulge when moving. If by profession or for other reasons you are nomadic, it is not worth keeping things that will make the Way of the Cross worse.

Another gold recommendation is to plan. Organizing your affairs in time will help you cope with the changes and avoid an excess of worries that sometimes tend to pile up all together.

You can also spend some time tidying up your new home. Of course, you must have visited the new property to know the condition of the property, the distribution and other important details prior to signing the lease.

This will help you see the situation from another, much more positive perspective and will put your brain to work on moving forward rather than getting stuck in a conflict, let alone missing the house that will no longer be your home.