Five ways to save money on your move

Relocating can be expensive. Everything will depend on many factors, such as the distance between your old home and the new one, the volume and amount of belongings to be moved, the time you invest in the process, among others; but the idea is and always will be to save money on your move, a task that is not difficult and much less impossible.

In order to keep a few dollars in your pocket, the key is creativity and the following tips can be of great help.

1. Planning

Plan your move well in advance, if possible, several months in advance. If you are moving from point A to point B, it is best to do so following a well-organized agenda, to take into account everything you need to do, the expenses you will face and to look at some last-minute expenses you can foresee.

The advantages of this are many: they range from preparing to have a budget for expenses to comparing prices to get different options that fit your economy.

Of course, there will be unexpected expenses. But even for this you should be prepared, because you should set aside a contingency amount for those expenses that appear on the way at the last minute.

2. Cleaning, to start off on the right foot

Doing a thorough cleaning of your home is an excellent idea before moving. It is easier and cheaper to move what is strictly necessary than to move all your belongings and, when the time to unpack comes, realizing that most of the objects you have are not necessary and you will have to get rid of them (donating or recycling them, because remember that everything can be given a second chance to be used again).

This translates into better use of time, effort and money, since you will need to take much less to the new home.

Check the cabinets, closets, rooms and every corner of your home to know what is expendable.

3. Creativity, a divine treasure

Be creative with the materials you will use for the move. Blankets, sheets and tablecloths can go a long way in protecting your glassware, fragile items and wood, rather than spending money on bubble wrap.

Looking at the long term also helps. Instead of buying cardboard boxes to pack your belongings, you can consider buying plastic containers for that purpose, since they will serve as a trunk in your new home. Advantages? Durability, tidiness, neatness and ecology, as they are reusable for many years, depending on how they are cared for.

4. Reduce expenses and non-essential services

Services such as water and electricity are more than necessary, but analyze whether you really need to hire satellite TV or a security system.

If you are moving, focus on the expenses you have to pay, since they won’t be just a few. Once installed in your new home, you will be able to hire again the services that make you feel more secure and comfortable.

You should also analyze the costs of eating out, at least while you are organizing the move. Real fortunes are invested in restaurants and fast food places, money that can be used to move your belongings to your new home.

5. Hire the services of a Moving Company

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