Here’s how to sell your old furniture if you are planning a move

Moving can represent a big change in your life, and to carry it out correctly it is necessary to leave some things behind. In order to do this, you can sell furniture that you will no longer use or that has no place in your new home, which can be an excellent solution. Here’s how.

Face to face

When it comes to large furniture, such as cabinets, sofas and countertops, it will be more practical for you to sell to people in your community to save the high cost of shipping large furniture. Selling in person may be the most effective option: a garage sale is perfect for this. Notify family and friends via social media, you can make an event on Facebook. Also, you can make posters or flyers to put up in your community to inform neighbours.

If you find that having a garage sale can be time-consuming, or you simply don’t feel like it, look for stores in your area that buy used furniture. Antique stores, pawn shops, among others, are excellent options. Except that you will make much less money than selling your furniture directly to someone else.

Online Sales

There are some pieces of furniture that, because of their size, may have a lower shipping cost. And that can also be removable, such as chairs and side tables. So,selling online offers a more convenient option. Some sites where you can sell small belongings are: Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist and OfferUp.

In order to effectively sell furniture online, it is extremely important to be highly descriptive and provide clear images. Potential buyers do not need to waste their time and money being unsure about the condition of the furniture, so it is pertinent to provide detailed information.

Clean the furniture before taking photos and use good lighting. Check out similar products for sale near you so you can get a better idea of how the post should be and the value of your furniture.

Without leaving your home

Many sales portals have the option of local pick up, that is, instead of you doing the shipping, the buyer can pick up the furniture directly to your place of residence. It is important to be very cautious with this option, as scammers abound. Be careful not to give personal or banking information to anyone on the Internet, and if you make a sale, make sure you are in a public place: a shopping mall, a bank, a food store or a park.

It is helpful to have a negotiating mindset, since potential buyers may insist on a better rate. Consider in advance the lowest rate you can accept, so you won’t be taken by surprise when they seek for a lower one.

When you sell some of your furniture online, you’ll make sure to gain space in your house and generate some extra cash before that big move, plus you’ll have fewer belongings to move into your new rented home.