Moving: Hiring a moving company vs. Doing it by yourself

When you are in the process of moving or thinking about making such decision, a great number of questions arise, which are usually answered by researching, analyzing, asking and deciding which is the best option that suits the needs of each person. Moving is an exhausting and stressful process that produces mixed feelings, since there is usually an emotion of joy and happiness, but also sadness and shock. It is a matter of emotional balance due to the change that is about to come and the fact of leaving one’s comfort zone.

On the other hand, you should also take into account everything related to savings and comfort during a move. So, it is good to ask yourself: What can you save on? How much can you save? How can you reduce your expenses? Which things are comfortable and which are not? Among others. Therefore, based on research and other people’s experiences, you will find out what is more advisable: hiring a moving company or doing it yourself.

Moving Company

A moving company is a business entity that offers a specific service. Generally, a moving company is in charge of planning, organizing and making the move as comfortable as possible for the customer. They also take care of packing, unpacking, inventories, moving from one place to another, among other things. Some of them even offer a property insurance service to fully protect the client’s belongings.

This type of service has a high cost depending on the needs it can cover. But, it is worth paying the amount that it demands for the benefits and comfort that it brings. And, really the main disadvantage it has is the amount of money it can require.

But what should be taken into account?

1. Cost of time

Technically, time is not a cost, but an important entity that must be planned and cannot be wasted. If you are moving by yourself, then this factor must be considered very carefully, since the same person has to pack, organize, plan and distribute the activities to carry out the move.

2. Necessary staff

when a moving company is hired, it offers a competent team to help with packing, crating, unpacking, transporting, among other things. Therefore, comfort is guaranteed. In addition, the companies that are dedicated to this type of work have fully trained people to work properly.

3. Equipment, tools and materials

when moving by yourself, you may not have the necessary tools and materials to pack properly. It is not only about putting objects in a box, but also about finding a way to prevent them from being damaged or broken by means of protection methods with the necessary tools. And, a moving company usually has everything you need to do this easily.

4. What if your belongings get damaged?

a moving company provides the benefit of property insurance, where the company takes care of protecting and securing all the objects that are in the truck. On the other hand, if you do the move yourself, no one will be responsible for any damage incurred during the move.