How to give a vintage touch to your new home?

Decoration has always been a fundamental part of any home, since for many it is a reflection of the personality of the people living there. That is why you can not leave aside the possible interior designs that could be in your new home, as there is a wide variety of styles that could be a great fit for you.

Currently there are several styles that are booming, such as modern, classic, rustic, vintage, among others. The latter has given a turnaround in the designs that people tend to use, since it is basically returning to the past with details of the present giving a unique complement to the spaces.

What is vintage style?

It is a style that has been regularly present in the decorations of many commercial establishments and homes. Although most people confuse “retro” with “vintage”, you should identify them in order not to get confused when you start decorating. Therefore, the first is a new trend that has starred many ideas and ornaments combining past aesthetics with some designs that are seen today, while the second more than a style is part of the life of the end of the XIX century and part of the XX. There you can observe ornaments from past times that were collected by families and kept for a long time.

So, precisely the vintage style is about recreating with ornaments and decorations a style that can give an air and feeling of being present in certain centuries, but, without leaving aside the tastes for modernity and current designs.

Where to start?

A vintage decoration is not only having a space with ornaments and antique pieces, interior design of this kind goes much further. It is to achieve a strategic way to combine the past with the present without abusing any of them, that is to say, to have a balance between history and contemporary modernity represented in decorations.

Once you are clear about this idea and find such balance, you can begin to:

  • Have furniture that is in line with the style: traditionality is one of the major characteristics of the vintage style. Therefore, this type of furniture has to fit perfectly, so it can be made of wood.

  • Common paintings: another important factor of this style is that most of the time the walls tend to be overloaded with paintings and golden arches that give that touch of past centuries.

  • Colors: generally a fairly neutral color scheme is used, where white, black, and earthy colors tend to be the protagonists. This cannot be ignored, since it is part of the essence of the style.