How to make an office relocation?

In any type of move, you have to pack, sort, classify, and clean, among other aspects, which is why an office move can have similarities but also differences compared to a home move.

A moving relocation has certain characteristics that can be compared to a home one, such as the time, the number of people, and items involved. Thing is, that we feel the need to explain how to make an office relocation without making mistakes.

Can a business hire a moving company?

Yes, of course. Moving companies will take responsibility for everything related to the subject, since, as mentioned above, moving to a new home is not the same as moving to a new office.

But why?

Generally, when thinking about relocating an office, there are many requirements, therefore, the moving company has to find a way to adapt to the flexibility, times and schedules of the office relocation. Therefore, it is essential that the moving company first interviews the boss or manager in order to determine the needs of its clients. Normally moving companies are the ones who organize everything related to time, but, in these cases, adaptability is key, since most businesses are constantly busy. So they decide to do it on weekends or holidays.

Recommendations for an office relocation

  1. Planning: The whole plan should always be agreed with the manager in order to make the move properly, even more so when there are many people involved. So, think about the day to start picking up the belongings, and the time it will take to do so, in order not to miss working days.

  2. Check the dimensions of the new place: just like a household move, it is necessary to get rid of many objects that are no longer useful, they can be donated, sold or given away. This will allow you to have enough space for both old and new items.

  3. Hiring a moving company: it is much easier to have professionals in the area do the best job possible, since wrapping, packing, and transporting have their own methods that not everyone knows.

  4. Make an inventory: knowing exactly what you have is part of effective planning. We recommend to make a list for each box and put it outside in order to know what the box contains.

  5. Notify suppliers and customers: Of course this is a very important thing to do, if you want to stay successful in your new location.

An office move can be somewhat more complicated than a home move, but with good planning we’re pretty sure you will succeed.