How To Properly Carry Out a Move To a Smaller House

In today’s real estate market, more and more people are moving from large houses to smaller houses, like the ones they lived in before, and in order to carry out a move like this, it is important to be prepared, so that the move does not generate a disaster that ends up causing a lot of stress. Therefore, we have brought you some tips to make your move to a smaller house in a simple and efficient way.

Preparing to live in a smaller space

One of the hardest parts of moving to a smaller home is getting used to the reduced space, which mainly affects people who have spent most of their lives living in larger homes.

For this matter, it is advisable to focus on the positive aspects of a smaller home: less space also means less to clean, which is proportional to having more time for yourself and spending less money on household investments.

Whatever the reason for your move, you should mentally prepare yourself to adjust to a smaller space and focus on the comforts and benefits that it can offer you. Moving to a smaller home can be the perfect time for you to shift your focus to having less and doing more things that make you happy.

Check the storage space in your new home

Uno de los principales factores que determinará la cantidad de pertenencias que podrá llevarse consigo es el almacenamiento que tiene disponible dentro de su nuevo hogar. Por ejemplo, puede que tenga dos armarios para su ropa en su antigua casa, y que sólo tenga uno cuando se mude a su nuevo hogar; existe un par de formas en las que puede abordar esta problemática:

One of the main factors that will determine the amount of belongings you will be able to take with you is the storage you’ll have available inside your new home. For example, you may have two closets for your clothes in your old home, and only have one when you move into your new one; there are a couple of ways you can address this issue:

● Reduce your belongings: it is necessary to reduce your possessions, so you should get rid of things you do not need or those to which you do not have a considerable attachment.
● Alternative forms of storage: such as under-bed boxes/drawers, hanging baskets and shelves, any furniture with built-in storage, wall-mounted shelving, and multi-purpose items are things that are necessary when moving to a smaller home.

Measure your furniture

Moving to a smaller home usually means having smaller rooms with different dimensions, so the configuration of the space layout will be different from your old home, which was larger, so the furniture you had there may become too big for the new space you’ll be living in.

And to be sure that your furniture will fit properly in the space of your new home, we recommend that you measure the height, width and depth of any furniture that you are not sure will fit well in the space. Write down the measurements, and (if you can) get the measurements of the rooms in your new home, this will save you a lot of trouble when moving.

Get rid of what you don’t need

If you are planning to move to a smaller home, it is obvious that not all of your belongings will fit into your new home, so find a way to get rid of household items and belongings that you no longer need. A good way to make you say goodbye to what you no longer need is to organize a garage sale or donate the items to charity, this way your items will not go to waste and will pass on to other owners who will value them.

Get professional help

Packing a move can be a challenge and if you don’t have enough time to pack or simply want the convenience of professional assistance, you can choose to count on NiceGuyMovers for professional moving services that will get the job done quickly and efficiently.