How to request an estimate for moving?

One of the main objectives that most people seek to achieve when moving home is to save money, because, even if money is not an issue for you, reducing expenses will always be the best option. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good financial management before, during and after the moving process in order to avoid incurring unexpected additional expenses.

Having a budget estimate for the move is an easy way to limit costs and to know the exact payments to be made during the move. In addition, you should take into account the fundamental aspects in order to think about what could generate additional or one-time expenses.

How can I request a moving estimate?

First of all, you should bear in mind that the exact estimate will depend on the moving company and the service it provides. That is to say, if it is a national, local, international or regional move, among others. Also include factors such as insurance of goods, type of transfer, among others.

Consequently, it would not be possible to give exact prices on how much a move would cost without first knowing the client’s needs. However, anyone wishing to carry out a move under the supervision of a moving company should be aware that they cover the following:

  • Packing and unpacking.
  • Packing and searching for any kind of materials.
  • Insurance of goods.
  • Type of transportation (air, sea, land).
  • Type of vehicle
  • Among others.

What are the essential factors when requesting a moving estimate?

Almost every company that provides this type of service incurs to request:

  • Volume of the move: how much absolutely all the organized belongings measure and weigh.
  • Round-trip direction of the move: from there an estimated price can be determined for the distance generated.
  • Services at origin
  • Services at destination.
  • Payment of taxes, duties.
  • Payment of transportation.
  • Expenses for required documentation.
  • Property insurance: generally the company offers a policy that covers damages (if any) during the move, even more so when the moving company itself is at fault.

What are the most important aspects to take into account?

1. Distance

This aspect is extremely important, since it is the basis for determining the cost of the move, especially if it is an international one. For example, if it is a long distance relocation or a move to another country from Miami, you must pay much more for long distance moving services from Orlando-Florida.

If it is a 50 mile move, it is a local relocation, therefore, Florida moving companies will base the quote on how long the vehicle can take to complete the process.

2. Size and weight

The more items you move, the higher the costs will be. Moving companies tend to measure and estimate a budget based on the weight and size of the load. This is also related to the distance, since if it is a removal that does not have many belongings and the move is a short one, it can be different to one that is the opposite.