Moving across the country: tips for an easy relocation

Moving to a new place at the other end of the country can generate many mixed emotions, from happiness to stress, since it is very easy to encounter difficult scenarios that may cause you discomfort. The process of moving your things from one place to another could be worrying, as it represents the most complicated part of the move and where certain inconveniences usually occur. Luckily, we have some very useful tips to make your move much easier.

1. Time is of the essence

When starting to organize a move it is essential to consider time, scheduling activities and logistics in advance will take a great weight off your shoulders when the day of your move arrives. It is important to have all your belongings packed, this way you will avoid delays due to unpacked items.

Try to start planning weeks before moving, arrange all your personal belongings, know the transportation schedule and all the details regarding your move, this will give you much more time to calm down, to not overload yourself with information and to carry out other pending errands.

2. Good organization

Being organized is the foundation of a successful and smooth move, especially if it’s a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move, you don’t want to leave any detail out. Plan each step very well, make a car shipping checklist for a PCS; companies such as International Auto Logistics are often contracted to ship military cars to other states, as well as for logistics service, the U.S. Government.

List the daily and weekly tasks to be done before the move, cross off each of the activities already done as the day approaches, this will help you maintain order and not skip any important steps, as well as preventing you from having to do any last minute tasks.

3. Clean before moving

Cleaning before leaving the house is an important step, make sure the space is clean and tidy, this will help you to be sure of the objects you have at home and to organize better which are the things you really need to take to the new home and which you don’t. This will also help when you start storing your belongings, as you will have a neat and tidy space, making it much easier to find what you need to pack.

4. Keeping order

When you start planning a move, it is normal for things to get a bit messy at home, as all those stored items that are no longer in use start to appear and get mixed up with other everyday belongings, this is the ideal time to start throwing away everything that is no longer useful.

You should get rid of as many things as possible,in order for the move to be much easier and lighter. Consider that it is a move to the other end of the country, so a couple of things less will help it develop in a better way and without any trouble.

5. Pack your belongings

It is time to pack your belongings, the best thing to do is to pack your things in sturdy boxes, wrap each item very well, either with bubble wrap, newspaper, or with some blankets, this will prevent any item from breaking while transporting.

Another important aspect is to identify the boxes where you will transport the household items, it is advisable to have each item separately, keep important documents in a special box, medicines in another one and one for cleaning products, this will help you to find everything easily.

Successful move

Following these simple tips will make your move to the other side of the country much easier, you will avoid stressful setbacks and have a pleasant relocation.