Moving Services Law: 2005 Florida Code

Moving is one of the activities that must be carefully planned in all areas, not only in relation to time and space planning, organization of belongings, but also to take the time to know what are the special regulations concerning moving companies, since you’re most likely acquiring that service.

Moving companies, or any other company that offers these services, are regulated by a law that covers important issues such as:

  • Contractual elements.
  • Homeowner’s insurance.
  • The record that every company must keep.
  • Transfer regulations.
  • Among others.

These are all topics of interest that should be known in order to be able to do things correctly and support an argument in case of any kind of inconvenience during the moving process.

But what is the law governing moves in Florida? What does the 2005 Florida Code state?

Laws are fundamental entities that cannot be absent under any pretext in a society. For they are those that regulate human activities and behaviors. Therefore, moving and everything related to it, are no exception. Whether they are private or public companies.

Now, the 2005 Florida Code, is specifically directed to any company that provides moving services or everything related to it, whether it is transportation, insurance coverage, cleaning after the move, inventory preparation, among other things. It must be regulated in many important aspects to avoid any type of fraud, among others.

Then, according to Florida’s moving regulations, it explains that:

  • Every company should be responsible for advising, guiding, giving written or oral statements to its customers.
  • Take responsibility in case of any inconvenience in the work environment and with their customers.
  • Submit a service contract that promotes legality.
  • To be endorsed to the legalities of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Paragraph 507.03: company registration

In order for a company to operate legally, it must be taken into account that it must be registered annually with the department, providing its legal and commercial data, commercial location, and other information. It is very necessary to comply with this requirement, since, otherwise, it would be in violation of the Florida state regulation, and the company’s commercial license would expire.

Section 507.05: Budgets and contracts

Each company must have a budget estimate that can be coupled to its customers. It has to be protected by a contract that will guarantee the amount that is being proposed.

On the other hand, the contract must comply with the regulations of the Department of Agriculture and Commerce so that it can be endorsed and certified in court in case there is any kind of inconvenience.

Both movers and customers should pay close attention to the 2005 Florida Code to be aware of the regulations governing this service, thus avoiding millions of problems in the moving process.