What are the objects that are most likely to be damaged during a move?

Moving is a complicated and expensive task, and of course, the last thing you want is to lose the money you have invested because your belongings got damaged during the move. Besides, it is not only about the monetary loss, but also about the sentimental value that these objects may represent for you.

That is why, below, we tell you which are the items that are most likely to be damaged on the road and how you should take care of them.

Be careful when moving


It is recommended that you stop watering the plants at least one day before the move, this will make them lighter and will make it much easier for you to carry them. In the same way, you will avoid water spills that could weaken the cardboard boxes, or damage electronic devices.
Place the plants in bags that are tightly tied and make sure they are separated inside the truck to help protect loose branches during transport.

Electronic devices

This type of objects can be one of the most delicate when moving, especially the larger ones, such as musical equipment or flat screen televisions. It is important that you do not hesitate to use the original boxes if you still have them, and if you have already discarded them, try to use similar boxes for packing.

On the other hand, it is advisable to remove the cables from the appliances and store them separately, thus preventing possible accidents that could cause unwanted damage. Use enough bubble wrap and wrap the boxes with blankets to increase the level of protection.

Fragile objects

Glassware or decorative plates are considered fragile items, and unfortunately, they are among the most commonly damaged when moving.

To reduce the chances of damage, there are boxes that come with special dividers and help organize these types of delicate items. In addition, you can use blankets or towels as extra cushions to protect your belongings.


When disassembling your furniture for transportation, it is essential that you wrap each of the pieces with bubble wrap, this will protect them from bumps that may cause dents, and you will avoid making marks on the walls when you are moving them from one place to another.

To move all the elements of your furniture, such as sofa corners or table legs, you will need good moving equipment and you may also need professional help, which you can find at Nice Guy Movers Orlando. It is advisable to visualize in advance how you will distribute the space in your new home so you will know which pieces you can and cannot take with you.


Don’t forget to pay special attention to those objects that are more likely to be damaged during the move, investing a little more time for this will save you not only money, but also bad experiences and disappointments. Have a happy move!