Problems during moving

Everyone, at some point in life, will experience a move, whether it is a house move, an office move, or a country move. The nature may change, but what doesn’t change are the challenges that come with it, which will increase or decrease, depending on how organized is the person that’s moving. However, there are common problems that can be avoided if corrected in time.

Problems during a move can come out of different situations and can delay the process. They can be very complex or easily solved; in any case, they must be faced with maturity, responsibility and the intention to solve them.

Poor planning

Leaving tasks for last minute and moving are the perfect cocktail to put your nerves on edge. Moving is a laborious task that needs time and dedication to get it done without leaving too much room for mishaps, because a single one could cause you a severe headache and countless problems.

That is why the recommendation is to prepare the move well in advance to take care of even the smallest details, such as:

  • You hired a moving service and really needed another one.
  • You have more packaged items than what you agreed with the company.
  • You carry items that are not allowed in the moving contract.
  • You don’t have the packaging ready at the time agreed with the company providing the service.
  • You don’t know if your new address has an elevator to carry heavy loads.
  • You don’t have parking information for the moving truck.
  • You have not labeled your boxes and other packaging properly.

Damaged objects

This is the most common problem when moving and arises from improper packing of belongings, especially those that are more fragile, such as glass.

Wooden furniture, musical instruments, works of art, tables, appliances and almost anything else needs to be stored under certain conditions, as explained in several Nice Guy Movers Orlando articles.

Generally speaking, it is recommended to have boxes, bubble wrap, tape, newspaper, blankets and other tools that will make it easier to pack your belongings for moving.

In any case, we offer an excellent packing service. You can request information and we will be glad to answer your questions.

Extra expenses

Consider all possible expenses that will arise during the process. It may help to consult with the moving company about all the financial responsibilities that will arise in the process of leaving your old home and moving into the new one, such as freight.

Generally, you will need to buy boxes, tape, labels, markers, packing and bubble wrap and other tools to protect your goods. It is best to make the investment several weeks before the move in order not to make the expense in a single operation.


Be wary of moving companies that offer irresistible prices, as they are the first to commit scams. Consult several estimates, check the comments of clients that have used their services, check social networks and web portals, and be skeptical about everything. It may also help to consult via telephone with the service provider you want to hire your doubts and concerns.

There are many reports of people being scammed by fraudulent movers or movers who offer inefficient jobs. Nice Guy Movers Orlando, on the other hand, offers an optimal and verifiable service.

Heavy traffic

Some days are heavier than others for moving. Yes, there may be accidents or situations that cannot be prevented or controlled, but there are also technological tools designed to circumvent the problem, such as apps on mobile devices that indicate the location of traffic jams and what routes to use to avoid them. At Nice Guy Movers Orlando we have what it takes to tackle this and other types of mishaps.