What are the most common mistakes made during a move?

When moving to a new home, many important aspects must be taken into account, since the importance of this activity lies not in moving from one place to another, but in the process where absolutely everything must be planned and organized, from the belongings to the moment when packing will begin, since it is essential that daily tasks do not clash with those of the move.

However, before, during and after organizing the move, different types of mistakes are often made that affect what you want to achieve, especially in terms of time. The main idea is that the move takes as little time as possible.

Most common mistakes

Before, during and after the move everything turns into chaos. This happens because most people are not used to planning the moving process, and that requires time and patience. This is why there are countless mistakes that are made because everything is left to the last minute. But what are those mistakes?

1. Not planning

The best thing to do is to start organizing by weeks. I. e., what are the priorities to be carried out on week 1, 2, 3 and 4. This helps very well with day-to-day organization. You cannot leave aside your work, university and, certainly not your family.

2.Not sorting and packing

It takes a lot of time to organize the belongings, since it is not only about storing them, but also about getting the right technique and materials to pack them and put them in boxes according to their names. Otherwise, you will only get mess and forgotten objects.

3. Not taking advantage of days off

Generally, people are very busy during the week due to work or university studies. However, there are both holidays and days off that can be used to organize and plan moving activities. The further in advance, the better things will turn out to be.

4. Failure to classify objects

The moving process is fundamental because, if it is not organized strategically, many objects may be damaged along the way, especially those made of glass, ceramics or those containing liquids. Keep in mind that packing is different for each material.

5. Do not get rid of objects that do not work

Most of the time, when you start to organize your belongings, you tend to discover objects that were forgotten, and during this analysis, people realize which things are really needed and which are not. Therefore, it is important to donate, sell or give away belongings that are no longer useful. Surely someone else will have the right use for them.

6. Not cleaning the new home

It is recommended that before taking the belongings to the new place, it is necessary to clean in depth to avoid doing double work unnecessarily.