The Perfect Guide to Move Furniture

Moving Furniture

Moving furniture is not an easy task. Beginners face a challenge that involves many aspects to take into consideration, so that everything you need to move arrives at your new destination in perfect conditions. Beds, shelves, household and kitchen utensils, appliances, clothing, shoes, toys (if there are children), personal items and furniture. Everything must be well guarded so that they arrive in one piece and without a single scratch.

But how do we get there? In this article we will focus on the most delicate and what usually generates more headaches for being heavy and easy to damage: furniture.

Types of furniture


They are usually located in the living room and are used for home members to sit down to rest, watch television, meet or receive visitors. There are those who venture to take naps on a sofa, for being pieces filled with foam and lined with some material that makes them attractive and comfortable.

Sofas are usually made of wood and are covered with various materials. They can be made of velvet, fabric, leather, semi-leather, which must be taken care not to ruin during the transfer.


In every household there is at least one of them. There are different designs and materials, they are accompanied by chairs and usually serve for people to sit down to eat, to work and almost any activity you can imagine, for being a flat surface.

There are dining tables, night tables, coffee tables, kitchen tables or living room tables with materials such as wood, glass, plastic and metal.


Complementing the tables, the chairs are used to sit. Their model, design and material will depend on the utility they will have.


Nothing like a good bed to rest in. A house may lack many things, but not a bed.

Sleeping on the floor may be a one-day thing, but the discomfort will force you to make amends. In addition, nothing is more comforting than a warm bed to help you have a restful sleep that guarantees a productive day.


Ideal for working, for having the right dimensions to give comfort and to be able to be in front of them for hours without feeling uncomfortable.


They are the right place for books to rest in an orderly manner. There are a variety of models on the market, which will adapt to your tastes and needs.

Heavy task

It doesn’t matter how light is the material they’re made of, furniture is a bit uncomfortable to transfer when it comes to moving. Their dimensions complicate the task if adequate measures are not taken to move them.

In addition, inexperience could cause regrettable mistakes, especially with the corners, which tend to receive hits if you don’t have enough precautions.


On the market there are tools to protect your furniture. Usually, the corners are the ones that suffer the most from the consequences of an inadequate transfer and, in the end, you will feel discomfort and even frustration to see your belongings damaged.

Furniture is very susceptible to scratches if the necessary measures are not taken at the time of moving.

To make this possible, get in time the materials that you will need:

  • Paper tape
  • Plastic tape
  • Newsprint
  • Plastic wrap
  • Blankets
  • Scraps of fabric
  • Plastic to pack

Protect your furniture by surrounding it with newspaper and, if possible, blankets. Pay special attention to the corners.

Take care of those that are made of glass, as it is a sensitive material. If so, surround them with plastic bubbles, to prevent them from breaking.

If your furniture can be disassembled, don’t think twice; that option will ease the task. However, take photos before getting to work, store the screws, nails and small pieces in sealed bags so they don’t get lost and keep them in a safe place.

At Nice Guy Movers Orlando we give you the assurance that everything will reach your destination as it has been found before the moving process.

We have enough experience to prevent accidents with your belongings. In addition, we take care of a task that can be challenging and stressful for you, considered very dangerous by psychologists for your emotional stability.