The Tasks You Must Do Before Moving

before moving

A transfer can be a less challenging job if you know the tasks you need to do before moving. You only have to respect the proposed schedule, complying with the established dates.

The following tips will ensure a less stressful transfer. This is a detailed eight-week plan (equivalent to two months), with allocations that will help you organize everything, even the costs of the changes ahead; therefore, you will be able to distribute the investment over a relatively long period of time rather than at a single time.

Week eight

Get a quote. In Nice Guy Movers Orlando we have several services, adapted to your needs and economic possibilities, we can guide you according to what you really require. These budgets can be requested online.

Request with enough anticipation that the school records are transferred. You must already have a new school for your children.

Talk to your doctor about your plans and the need to move your medical history to a new health center closer to your new home. The same should happen with the rest of the family members.

Week seven

Request to move your pet’s medical records to a new veterinary center to continue monitoring its health. Pets are also part of the family.

Contact your health and vehicle insurance company to find out if there are any changes you need to make. You will most likely need to change your address.

Week six

Plan how to move your valuable items, such as jewelry, artwork (especially paintings and sculptures), musical instruments, fish tanks, aquariums and computers. In our portal you can find some tips for this purpose.

Buy packs of adhesive paper. If you don’t have them at home, you can buy them at a supply store.

Week five

Buy the supplies you will need for moving, such as boxes, adhesive tape, markers, bubble wrap, among others.

Organize your belongings that are not of daily use. You can start packing them, try to identify the box (which you should not secure with tape, in case you need the object).

Week four

Book the transfer service with the removal company you have chosen. Make sure you have hired the job you need and if you have any questions, work them out with the company and they will be happy to answer all your concerns.

Change place of residence in online shopping services you usually use, such as Amazon.

Notify the public services below about your move. You can do it via telephone or online and you must emphasize both your old and your new address:

  • Water
  • Gas
  • Mobile phone
  • Home phone
  • Electric service
  • Cable / satellite
  • Internet

Week three

Plan to move your plants, if you have any or remove dangerous substances, such as flammable liquids, poisons, and chemicals.

Week two

Notify relevant government agencies.

Confirm with the condominium the following:

  • You can use an elevator to move the move
  • That there is a special parking space for the move, close to the entrances to and from the condo, if applicable.
  • Notify the following services of your move, if applicable:
  • Bank
  • Automotive credit
  • Pharmacy
  • Gardener
  • Snow removal
  • Pool cleaner
  • Housekeeping
  • Monthly Entertainment Memberships

Week one

Confirm with the moving company the availability of the service for the requested date, from the old house to the new one.

Request the moving company for the telephone numbers of the persons providing the service.

Pack, arrange and identify your belongings and special medicines you may need during the move.

Notify family, workplace and friends of your new address.

Clear your refrigerator at least 24 hours before moving in.

Arrange the boxes in the living room or in an unoccupied room near the exit.

Make sure you have the keys to your new home and make sure it’s ready to install.

Be sure to provide the moving company with your new residential address.

Moving day

Have a good breakfast. Have a box with easy to handle food, such as sandwiches and canned food.

Closely monitor children and pets, if any. They are more sensitive to moving processes.

These tips will serve as a checklist. You can print and mark what you have already done.