Thinking About Moving? Find The Best Apartment For You

Best Apartments

Many dream of moving, having an intimate space, decorating it according to their personality and keeping a particular rhythm without accountability or being forced to obey rules.

For years, they have cultivated the idea of occupying a big place, but the reality is different and it is measured according to the economy and other factors,it doesn’t mean that the goal is tarnished; instead, knowing the types of apartments existent gives you the opportunity to organize yourself and not leave room for mistakes.

What is an apartment?

An apartment is a housing unit designed to contain the complete facilities for one or more people, depending on the meters of construction.

It differs from a house by the area it occupies, being considerably smaller. It is characterized by having common areas that are shared with neighbors, which implies a smaller investment in the complementary facilities of water, sewage and electricity being the same facility for several families.

General considerations when moving into an apartment

The experience accumulated over the years tells us that you should consider several aspects before moving.

  • Number of people moving in.
  • Moving with children, especially if they are small.
  • Do you have pets? They are a very important member of the family and moving with them implies special attention.

All of these factors will add up to headaches if you don’t take them into account or if you think about them at the last minute. That’s why it’s best to hire a moving company to forget about stress, especially if it’s your first move.

Professional services, in the event of moving within Orlando, to Orlando or from this state to other regions could subtract problems and give you solutions, with helpful information on which day is best to move, packing and moving your belongings, if it is necessary to secure your belongings and even unpack your objects.

Types of apartments

Depending on their size and distribution, the following can be mentioned:

Studio or convertible studio

These are small apartments, ideal for singles or couples without children. They have a room, a bathroom, kitchen and living room, all of reduced dimensions.

They are perfect for students, because they do not need too much maintenance and because they do not need to spend too much time inside their home.

The main advantage is their price: for their square meters, they are usually much cheaper than other options.


A loft is an apartment in which the spaces are connected to each other and have few divisions; its windows are large and spacious, allowing large light inputs; and the ceiling is quite high, allowing the construction of an additional floor.

These constructions were born in New York in the 1950s, after deindustrialization, when many factories and industrial buildings were abandoned and these spaces were used to make them habitable businesses; that’s why they have such characteristics.

To talk about a loft apartment is to think of a home of artists, intellectuals, writers, journalists or musicians, by the way of distribution of the space that combines a large work studio with a place to live.

Note that in a loft there are almost no walls that separate environments, it is a very spacious living room instead. If it is a two-storey apartment, the bedroom is usually located on the upper floor and from there you can see the rest of the house.

The right thing to do is to move a few belongings. In a loft, less is more; besides, minimalism is trendy.


They are apartments that have two floors, connected by a staircase. Perfect for families of several members, for being very spacious.

Usually, the kitchen, the living room, one of the bathrooms and the dining room are on the ground floor and the bedrooms are located on the upper floor as well as an additional bathroom.

It should be taken into consideration that there are also tiny apartments that are duplex. They have a single room at the top, while the bathroom, the kitchen and the living-dining room are on the main floor, all of reduced dimensions. They are suitable for singles and couples without children.


If your family has four or more members, you should consider a spacious apartment that allows comfort and intimacy for everyone.

With several bedrooms, two or more bathrooms, a spacious room, a dining room, kitchen and even a small terrace, this type of housing allows you to plan to enlarge the family, receive visitors and even have a small office at home.


Penthouses are located under the rooftop of a building, are spacious, more luxurious and exclusive; that translates into more expensive. It allows greater comfort for large families.

Now that you have a bigger picture of the apartments you can choose for your next move, you just have to go for the one that best suits your needs.