Tips to a succesful moving with pets

Moving with pets

Relocating is an arduous task that can be more complicated if a pet is part of your family. However, moving with pets doesn’t have to be a viacrucis. The goal is that your pet will have the least possible impact during and after the process, paying special attention to adaptation to avoid stress and, consequently, illness.

In this article we will refer to dogs and cats, as they are the most common pets. In future entries we will refer to other species.

Before the move

It is well known that cleaning during the packaging process can be indispensable. However, it is advisable to avoid washing certain pet belongings, such as their carpets, toys, or mats, in order to maintain odor. In this way, your dog or cat will sniff out a familiar odor when it reaches the new space, helping the process.

It is also important to find a new veterinarian who is close to where your home will be. Look for different options and choose the one that best suits your needs; but do it before the move, because it is better to have the selected doctor just in case and not lose your head if you are in that situation and did not take this forecast.

During the move

Above all, you must ensure the greatest possible comfort for the quadruped. Think of the transfer from the place you leave to your new home. Both the pet’s belongings and the animal itself must be the last to be incorporated into the boxes, suitcases and other packages that will move to minimize confusion and stress.

Similarly, it is suggested that you keep your cat or dog close during the transfer, so that you calm it down in case it feels anxious, especially if it is very long distances.


You arrived home, start unpacking and arranging your things, but you are likely to be concerned about your pet’s safety. If possible, leave it in the care of a trusted person for the first few days while putting everything in place; but if you do not have that solution, then leave the animal in a quiet room and with its belongings reachable.

It will also help to familiarize with the place if it explores each area of the house. You will have extra points if you hide safe toys or snacks for the furry babies in strategic locations. At this point, it’s essential for you to maintain the routines to which the pet is used to so that it suffers the least possible impact. Keep feeding him the same way and in case of dogs, offer the walks at the same time you always do.