Tips to organize a quick and easy move

Any radical change is difficult to digest and accept because of the fears and responsibilities that must be faced. This can affect the financial and emotional stability of someone who lacks the necessary tools to handle the situation. And of course, relocating is one of those radical life changes. Considering that a home usually represents a niche in which there is tranquility, love and peace, whether it is a family home, a couple’s home or an individual home.

Therefore, making a move involves different issues that must be taken into account to make it much easier. Because it is not only about packing and organizing, but also about planning and unpacking in the new destination.

How to get started?

First of all, you should keep in mind keywords that should always be present during the whole process. Such as:

  • Planning: this is a word that is very important when carrying out any activity. It is necessary to manage time and space in order to start the move.
  • Organization: this is a concept that everyone should apply in their daily lives, since, without it, certain goals could not be achieved.
  • Care: it is important to keep everything in order and treat objects with proper care.

How to pack? Why is it so important?

If the three concepts described above are combined, a good result can be obtained when packing the entire move.

First of all, you should get boxes that are weight resistant, but at the same time, can be easily moved from one place to another. The inside of the box should be filled with newspaper, magazine or polyethylene so that it will support and protect the objects inside.

Lighter items can go in large bags, where you can store clothes, pillows, blankets, quilts, among other things.

What to do with kitchen utensils?

It is important to have a resistant product to pack. So, to begin with, it is recommended to pack each dish in plastic bags with bubbles to offer protection to the material. It is also necessary to balance the weight between the materials, that is to say, glasses and cups in one place, cutlery, spoons in another, and so on.

And, what about heavy pieces?

This section is extremely fundamental, because when a person who does not have the ability to move boxes or heavy objects performs this type of activity, he/she may suffer injuries that in the future could become a health complication. Therefore, it is recommended to leave this work to competent people.

Now, things such as books, magazines, notebooks, can be placed in small boxes that are manageable. Meanwhile, electronic items such as TV, computer, microwave, etc., can be kept in the original packaging.

How to organize the boxes?

  • You should make an inventory: always choosing to plan ahead is the best solution for everything to go perfectly. That is why it is recommended to write down all the things that belong in each room ( bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, among others).
  • Mark the boxes: all of them must be identified so that when unpacking, the organization is maintained.
  • Give adequate protection: it is necessary to take the time to pack and take care of all the materials, because many of them can be damaged.