Tips you should know if you move with your dog

But, what happens if we move with our dog? Undoubtedly, this requires different planning, since our pets require special treatment, for the simple fact that they cannot express themselves the same way we do, but they can get nervous and feel the same stress as humans when it comes to moving to a new place. In order for you to know how to deal with this situation, we give you 6 tips for moving with your dog to a new house.

Moving with dogs

When talking about dogs and moving, you should be aware that pets can get nervous just like humans, and well, you should not overlook the fact that moving is a procedure that can be very stressful. All the movement, the mess and strange smells will make your dog feel a little confused, beyond the excitement of moving to a new place.

There are countless studies that have shown how useful canines can be to help minimize stress loads on their owners, so it is very important that you dedicate the same kindness to your dog during the moving process, since, without a doubt, it is one more member of your family. In order for your pet to be calm and happy on this day, we offer you these tips that will be very useful.

Search about apartment laws

Do you have to pay any money for your dog? Do you need to register your pet in the city? What things do you need to do in the new house? If you have the answers to these questions ahead of time, you will save yourself a hard time during the move.

Let your pets know what’s coming

It’s normal for dogs to be stressed and a little nervous when going on short trips. But how will they feel when they see piles of boxes all over the house? Will they know they will be living in a new place permanently?

If you want to prevent your pet from feeling anxious, start by putting several boxes and leave in sight the bag or cage where you will transport it, do this in advance, this way you will help your pet to adapt to the upcoming process, it will still be a stressful situation, but it will prevent it from becoming a shock.

Take him to see the new house

Find a time to take your dog for a walk in the new neighborhood before the move. If possible, take him with you to the new house, and do it several times, this will help him feel more familiar with the space and make the adaptation process less stressful.

Keep him distracted

If you will be keeping him indoors during the move, consider giving him a new toy that can help him relax and feel a little bit more comfortable in its new environment. There are several types of toys that can be stuffed with some tasty food and help keep your dog distracted during the longest part of the move.

It is likewise advisable that you keep your pet from being under your feet all the time in the course of the move, this is to preserve you and your dog’s security. In the event that your dog has the need to observe what is going on at every moment, you have the option to invest in one of these pet doors so that it can be aware of the process without making a mess.

Make your place familiar

The more familiar the space is, the more comfortable your dog will feel. Do everything you can to make this place look like his old home. Make sure to give him the same food, the same toys, and the same bed; leave the major changes for later, when he has adapted a little more to his new place. It is also advisable that you find a way to recreate a particular smell that is familiar to your dog, so that he gets used to it faster.

Don’t lose patience

It is important that you offer your dog the same kindness that you would like to offer yourself when adjusting to a new home. It is true that there is a lot of stress in this process, but just as with humans, if you treat your pet badly, it will react in exactly the same way. So be patient, they will manage to adapt to this new place, it will just take a little time.