Tools that will help you with your new move

We know that starting a moving process is by no means simple, in fact, in order to achieve it effectively, it is necessary to take into account a series of key aspects. Therefore, it is important to take into account all the help possible.

A great alternative of support are the apps and websites that can ease the moving process. With their help, it is possible to manage and organize all the activities before, during and after the move, without overlooking any important detail. The following are some of the most commonly used apps for moving.

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ProMoting Planner

ProMoting Planner is an app that will help you organize the processes involved in a move, where it is possible to make budgets and manage expenses, which makes it easier to process the move.

This app has 4 modules: contacts, planning, budget and timeline. You can use any of the four modules, through it, you will be able to list all the boxes and packages, program the schedule with the carriers, among others.


With Sortly it is possible to take photos of each box, digitally label them and give them categories. By using this app you can make moving easier and avoid problems with your belongings. This app is ideal if you don’t want to forget any object during the move, besides it will allow you to know where everything is. With this tool it is possible to make a photographic inventory of the items you’re moving.


Trello is a very useful app for scheduling and planning any activity. It is very effective with moving, due to the fact that you can list and prioritize the tasks that the move requires.

This app is available both for Android and iOS, with it you can create boards where you can manage projects. In those boards it is possible to hang lists, inventories, participants, among others. Also,it is compatible with Dropbox and Google Docs, therefore, it is possible to add photos.

With all these tools, the moving process will be easier to plan and organize, thus reducing the setbacks you may have in order to achieve a smooth and peaceful arrival to your new home.