Learn about the types of boxes and their benefits in moving

Planning tools and materials in a move are fundamental. Without them, packing could be a complete failure. Therefore, it is necessary to know the benefits of each one of them, but, above all, their functionality, since there are countless instruments that would be of great help in the moving process.

One of the essential materials for packing belongings are boxes, in fact, it could be said that they are never missing when relocating, as they are very useful and easy to use. However, most people do not know the types of boxes and the exact purpose of each one. It is important to read, research and look for enough information before proceeding with an activity in order to avoid mistakes and inconveniences in the moving process.

But what are the types of boxes? Is it really necessary to know?

If you want to have an organized and well-planned moving process, then you need to know everything about the materials you are going to use, whether they are ecological or not. The most important thing is not to make any mistakes in the process in order to speed it up in the right way.

Boxes are containers made of cardboard that have a lid, their main function is to transport things, group or contain certain objects. They have a diversity of characteristics that can be analyzed through their shapes and sizes.

Types of boxes

1. Single channel cardboard boxes

These are the best known and most effective within the conglomerate of boxes. They are generally considered more resistant compared to others, therefore, they are recommended only to store delicate things. Among the variety, they are perfect for moving.

2. Self-assembly boxes

They are easy to assemble as long as the instructions are followed. They contain micro-corrugated cardboard to withstand humidity and external agents. Although they are very useful for gift items, they are also used to store moving belongings.

3. Corrugated cardboard boxes

The entire box is made of corrugated cardboard sheets and lined with smooth cardboard. This type can have a single, double or triple channel. They are mostly used to contain heavy and bulky objects. They are non-deformable, perfect to withstand shocks and weight.

4. Cardboard boxes

These are boxes that can be silk-screened. They are not very useful during a move, unless they are used to store delicate items such as jewelry.

5. Closet box

they are ideal for transporting clothes. Since its design opts for the ease of hanging clothes without any problem. In addition, one of its great advantages is that it keeps all the clothes tidy and wrinkle-free. And, they are very resistant.

6. Boxes with handles

These are a must when moving, since the handles help to move them easily without exerting too much force on the body. They are generally quite resistant and can support a lot of weight.

7. Boxes with cardboard divisions

Ideal for perfect organization. During a move, they are specifically used to store fragile objects such as dishes, glasses, plates, among others. The advantage of this type of box is that the belongings are extremely safe and protected from any damage.