What are the most important supplies for a move?

No person can start a move without at least taking into account important aspects such as time and space planning, moving company contract, organization of household goods and supplies required, and any other aspect related to such activity.

One of the most important elements lies in knowing what materials should be purchased to organize and protect your belongings successfully. Therefore, this factor cannot be ignored for any reason, since not only the organization, but also the safety of the objects will depend on it.

But what are the materials you should have on hand?

There are many materials to start organizing a move, however, it is important to bear in mind that not everyone is involved in this process. Since not everyone has the same needs or priorities. However, there are some basic supplies that are necessary to carry out the move. Such as:

Organizational objects:

  • Cutter/scissors: You cannot forget any instrument that can be used for cutting. They are extremely necessary for puncturing boxes or any other supplies.
  • Labels: They serve as a guide for the moving company to indicate which items are fragile.
  • Basic tool kit: you never know when they may come in handy. So, add to the list: screwdriver, wrench, pliers, tape measure.
  • Notebook: it is the best ally for planning and organization.

Moving boxes

  • This is an extremely important instrument. Any other material can be omitted, except this one. Since, they are the ones who will help you store every object that you want to move to the new home.
  • There are many types, such as:
  • Single channel boxes: are those that have paper on the outside and inside, however, they are separated from each other by a corrugated layer. It does not work to equip it with more than 8 kilos.
  • Double channel boxes: any of their parts are double corrugated. This type of box gives greater protection to the goods and is very useful.
  • Microchannel boxes: thinner than the carcass, they also have corrugated parts that work excellently.
  • Closet boxes: they are perfect for carrying clothes and keeping them in good condition. They have a top bar to hold hangers, and also provide good resistance.

About packaging

This material is the one that gives consistency and more protection to the goods. In fact, it is another item that cannot be ignored. This is the material that will help you fill the empty spaces, otherwise, the goods would be damaged due to the mobility inside the boxes. And, obviously, we do not want that result.

Packaging can even be objects found at home, such as blankets, sheets, pieces of cloth, among others, in order to support those spaces that cannot be left empty.

Another important tool to buy is bubble wrap. Since, it is also a great way to protect fragile household goods.