What is the approximate cost of living in Orlando?

When making the decision to live in another city, country or locality, many important aspects must be considered, such as the quality of life that it can offer, benefits, advantages and disadvantages according to your needs. In addition, there is the whole moving process to be carried out. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the distances, and if the desired location is worth the investment to change your life and move to a new place.

Florida has an endless number of cities that have great advantages to live in. And, in general, it is the immigrants who are looking for a new life in this State. Since, it offers many economic, political and social aids that make it the most sought after. Within Florida there is Orlando as a very popular city for being the touristic center of the State and the United States in general, which makes it a very attractive place to live.

Why choose Orlando for a life change?

As stated above, Orlando is an extremely attractive city to live in Florida. It is located in the metropolitan area of the county seat of Orange County. It has approximately 185,951 inhabitants according to the last census taken in 2003. It is considered the sixth largest city in Florida and the largest non-coastal city.

Both U.S. citizens and foreigners seek this city for the advantages it possesses. Although it is known for its attractions and playgrounds such as Disney World, it is also known for its comfort and humid subtropical heat to live in.

What is the cost of living in Orlando?

When you decide to move, the first thing you think about is the cost of the monthly rent of a property. Although, in comparison to other cities, rents in Orlando can be a bit expensive, it is totally worth the investment.

As such:

  • Rent of an apartment of 85 square meters (expensive area): 1,872$.
  • Rent of an apartment of 85 square meters (normal area): 1,300$.
  • Basic living expenses such as electricity, water, electricity: $220
  • Fast Internet: $78
  • Cleaning fee per hour: $18


In Orlando it is extremely convenient to cook, as the prices of street food can be quite high. Therefore it is best to save on what is necessary. So:

  • 500 grams of chicken breast: 5.40$.
  • 1 full cream milk: $1.00
  • 12 relatively large eggs: $3
  • 500 grams of national cheese: $6
  • 1 kilogram of potatoes: 2$
  • Bread for two people: $2


A ticket for public transportation is set at two US dollars, so, with approximately 50$ you can buy a voucher with unlimited trips for the whole month. Prices are as follows:Volkswagen: $22

  • 1 liter of gasoline: 0.82$.
  • Monthly transport pass: $50
  • Cab ride 8 kilometers: $ 18

Entertainment and Leisure Time

It is important to set aside money for activities outside of your responsibilities, since not everything in life revolves around work.

  • Movie tickets: $28
  • One and a half liter beer: 6$.
  • Monthly gym membership: $50
  • Dinner for two in a restaurant: $87