What to do when there is damage during the move?

When you decide to make radical changes, either out of necessity, love, among other aspects, you must take into account that not only the environment is modified, but also the emotions and finances of the person who decides to take this action. The same happens when moving to another location, city or country. Therefore, opting for good planning that includes all these factors is the best option to take short but safe steps, and thus be able to make a good move.

But, is it necessary to hire a company to carry out a move?

This is the most convenient and safest option for many people. The service provided by this type of company promotes the ease and organization of the entire moving process for any person. Therefore, a company that takes care of this activity should be concerned about providing the client with order, quality and punctuality throughout the entire service.

In addition, they are professional people who maintain proper techniques that are in charge of protecting and securing all objects, whether large or heavy. So,hiring a moving company is an opportunity to achieve comfort and simplicity during the process of a radical and emotional change of habitat.

What should you expect from a moving company?

  1. All workers must be professionals: the company must provide training to those who become employees in this area. That is to say, everyone in the company must learn how to apply the proper techniques for packing, crating, picking and protecting the items.
  2. The moving service must provide property insurance: there are many occasions when personal belongings are lost or damaged. Therefore, the moving company must be responsible for all the objects they are moving.
  3. The staff must have a record of all the belongings: to know that they are totally professional, the workers must make a written list with all the belongings, in order to have a personalized organization for each client.

And, if damage occurs to the belongings, how can it be solved?

First and foremost, it is important to take into account the responsibilities that a moving company has, so that it will be much easier to recognize when there is negligence on the part of the company.

As described above, the main objective of moving companies is to move, organize, plan and protect all the goods that are left in the hands of these professionals.

However, in the event that there is damage (broken or lost items) the company should be fully responsible for such injuries to the property. Therefore, the fact that they offer insurance protection implies that they are a fully responsible agency.

However, it is necessary to know what to do in such situation:

  • Write down which objects were damaged: you should write down all the damage that occurred during the move, that means to describe each object that was affected by the poor organization of the company’s agents. For example, green jug broken into two pieces; kitchen plates broken into pieces.
  • Capture the moment: it is necessary to prove that what is said is true. Therefore, photos should be taken of the property that has been damaged.
  • Make a complaint: a complaint must be filed with the company’s authorities in order for them to respond responsibly to the data provided.