Wrapping Paper: How To Use It Properly For Your Next Move

In order to carry out the moving process, it is necessary to prepare and make sure you have the necessary material and tools handy, which includes one of the most important elements for any move: packing paper. If you want to know how to use it properly, below, we will talk about the importance of its use and give you some useful tips, and, in addition, you should know that, thanks to its longevity, it is possible to reuse the paper left over for the next move you may have.

Wrapping paper: what is it and what is it used for?

Wrapping paper is one of the most economical and sensible ways to protect your items while moving. It is newspaper, without ink, which is usually sold in large rolls and can be used to wrap all types of objects you wish to protect, and can also be used to fill the empty spaces left in the boxes you will be using for the move,preventing objects from shifting during transportation and suffering any type of damage.

And what’s more, they not only work to wrap the outside of fragile items, but you can also use it to fill the space inside the items to prevent them from breaking. For example, with a glass tumbler, you can wrap the outside with the paper and stuff the inside with extra packing paper, which greatly reduces the chances of the tumbler breaking during the move.

On what objects can wrapping paper be used?

Wrapping items in packing paper is a simple, economical and effective way to protect your household belongings during the move. In addition, you should know that not only will you need newspaper to wrap small items before placing them in the boxes, but the wrapping paper will also be useful to fill in the gaps and empty spaces left between the items and the edges of the boxes, which will serve to cushion your belongings from any type of blow.

Small to medium-sized fragile items are best suited for you to wrap in the wrapping paper, and some of these items include the following: dishes, bowls, valuables and/or collectibles, vases, small electronics, pots and pans, small appliances and large utensils.

Use wrapping paper

To start using wrapping paper to wrap your belongings, tear or cut as much paper from the roll as you feel is necessary to wrap each of your household items. Wrap the items in the paper until you see that they are completely protected. For some items, this may be just wrapping the object in a single layer of wrapping paper, whereas, for other more fragile items, such as wine glasses or glassware, it means multiple layers, so keep that in mind.

After you have wrapped the items, stuff the inside of the items (such as bowls, cups, vases and glasses) with the wrapping paper, and if necessary, you can use tape to stick the paper to the inside of the items. Usually, wrapping paper usually stays in place without the need for tape, but if you want to be sure, you can reinforce them that way to make sure they don’t get damaged in any way.

And when you’re done, place the items inside a moving box and be sure to fill the empty spaces with extra paper, as this can save your household items from breaking during the moving process.

Professional packaging

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