How Much Does it Cost to Live in Orlando?

Orlando, Florida, is a powerful magnet for some 70 million people who visit this city every year to see its main attractions, but it is also a powerful magnet for those who find here a place to live.

The most common question asked by those interested in settling in this paradise on earth is how much does it cost to live in Orlando.

This is a destination in which many people have set their attention to invest in a property to live or to enjoy some seasons of the year, such as summer or winter, as many people want to escape from the low temperatures recorded in the rest of the country.

As is well known, our climate is privileged because the weather is mostly sunny, there are enough activities for young and old to never get bored, there are plenty of job opportunities for residents; there are also excellent schools and universities, shopping centers, attractions for all tastes and opportunity prices for residents. In short, there are more reasons to stay than to leave, as long as you can afford it.

As is the case throughout the United States, living in this city will depend on many factors, but for some reason people who look for a place to put down roots in this city,they find it, especially if they are foreigners.

The really difficult thing is to choose a place where to settle down with the family, because the real estate options are really irresistible and adapt to whatever your requirements are.


A one-bedroom apartment located in downtown Orlando has a monthly cost of US$ 1,300. However, in the outskirts you can find lower prices with excellent opportunities; in that way, you will have to pay 1,000 dollars for an option with these characteristics.

Meanwhile, prices for a three-bedroom apartment range from $1,500 to $1,800.


Getting around this city is usually tedious due to the amount of tourists and travelers who come to visit, but there are several options to get around with varied prices:

  • A ticket on the public transportation service costs just over two dollars. For those who wish to get unlimited rides for a whole month, they can have them for $65.
  • Cabs within the city have an affordable price. The minimum amount to be paid for a cab ride is three dollars, with an additional one dollar and 75 cents for each extra kilometer.
  • Filing your gas tank is around $65.


The best idea when it comes to eating is to eat at home, as restaurants and fast food places tend to be expensive. Based on this recommendation, you will be able to find the following items at the prices shown in supermarkets and grocery stores:

  • 1 ½ liter of water $1,65
  • 1 liter of milk $0,99
  • ½ liter of beer $2,23
  • 1 kilogram of beef $13,50
  • 1 kg of rice $4,92
  • 1 kg of tomatoes $5,62
  • 1 kg of potatoes $3,09
  • 1 kg of apples $6,12
  • Dozen eggs $2,52

Of course, you will need more products to eat a balanced diet. In that sense, we summarize that the food expenses will be $260 per month.


  • The broadband Internet service costs US$65 per month.
  • For $35 per month you will be able to enjoy the gym. This is the cheapest plan.
  • Childcare can be expensive: daycare centers charge $700 per child a month.
  • Water, sanitation and electricity in a 90 square meter apartment costs, on average, US$175.

In Orlando, you will need $2,100 per month to be able to meet the financial commitments you will have if you make the decision to move. Of course, this figure will increase with certain luxuries or important additional expenses that are not included, such as education, health, car ownership and leisure activities.

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