Advantages of moving to Orlando

Moving to Orlando

The advantages of moving to Orlando are many. Not enough space to go into all the details, but we can mention those that will surely convince you to take your goods and hire our services to request the move and start your new and better life.

Many are the options that Orlando, Florida, offers its inhabitants: excellent climate, low unemployment rate, schools with excellent education, a wide range of properties and lots of entertainment… In Orlando, there’s room for everything but boredom.

Know the incredible reasons why you should take the step towards a great adventure.

General considerations

Orlando has four seasons throughout the year, but in general the climate is very pleasant, because in winter the temperature does not reach zero.There are two false beliefs about this city: one, its beaches, and two, that is just a swamp. For starters, it’s a not-coastal city. The beaches are relatively close, but not within the locality; the same happens with the marshes, located, instead, in Florida.

Living in Orlando is a privilege: it is 45 minutes from the beaches of the Atlantic Sea and two hours from the beaches of the Gulf, which have nothing to envy the beaches of the Caribbean; similarly, it is two hours from the beautiful city of Miami.

Its main economic muscle is in tourism, but industrial activities also contribute to the boom.This means that you will find here a lot of job opportunities.


Orlando residents have a variety of options to mobilize, whether you decide to leave the American border, visit another state, or go from one county to another.They have two airports. The first is Orlando International Airport or MCO, one of the most actives in the world, which offers flights to more places than any other Florida airport. The second is Orlando Executive Airport, located three miles from the city center and is ideal for corporate travelers.

But if the plans are within the city, Orlando has the LYNX bus service, which transports, on average, 90,000 passengers a day in an area of at least 2,500 square miles.There are also different land transport options. LYNX offers door-to-door services for people who cannot use the regular fixed route service due to disability or limitation; fast link is a faster connection service to reduce stops on specific corridors; and neighbor link, designed for residents of less populated areas.

On the other hand, there is a free circulator called Lymmo. It is a convenient and quick access to restaurants, malls, shops, entertainment centers, offices and services. It has four routes in lanes that, to a large extent, are intended for that use, so that traffic jams do not affect its users.

SunRail is also an ideal way to get around. It is a train service that operates from Monday to Friday and covers a 49-mile route from DeBary, in Vulusia, to Poinciana, in Oscela, distributed in 16 stations.


Prior to the effects of Covid-19 in the state, Orlando offered excellent employment opportunities with good benefits: health insurance, equal opportunities for women and men, paid vacations and flexible work schedules.

With the arrival of the virus, companies had to overcome the difficulties and adapt to the facts. Some, during the quarantine, offered the possibility of working from home or away.

In effect, amusement parks added to the confinement for months, forcing hundreds of people to lose their jobs. However, the tourist centres have already been activated and there is a new normality, so, many people have returned to their jobs. On average, the wage earned by workers is $15.94 per hour.

Cost of living

Expenses for utilities, food and common expenditures are on par with other cities in the country. Rent is also around the average for other urban centers. A one-room apartment could cost $1,380.


Education occupies a very important place in Orlando’s policies. The premise is to offer a high quality education and lifelong learning, regardless of the level: from kindergarten to university.

In the metropolitan area is located the Central University of Florida, the second largest in the country. The dimensions of a house of studies do not affect the quality of education, but it is good to go to a spacious place to specialize in a profession.

However, it is not the only choice. There are community colleges where you can receive excellent education, as well as private universities.


Numerous and of quality. Care centers are very well qualified, so you don’t have to worry about your health.

Around the state, there are hospitals to attend to an emergency or to accompany you during your family’s ailments or your own; but if you need to prevent any complication, you will also find specialists to look into your case.

You can get health insurance plans that suits yours and your family’s requirements.

Parks and attractions

Residents and visitors will enjoy more than 148 parks, gardens, playgrounds and recreation areas.If there is a color that abounds, it is green; but this is also the place with more tourist offer in the United States, when it comes to amusement parks.

We can talk about the most important amusement parks in the world, such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World Orlando, Aquatica Orlando, Legoland, among many others. Some of them offer special discounts to residents.