Moving to Orlando on a tight budget

Moving can be exhausting, stressful and expensive. Not only is money spent on security deposits and moving company fees; time is also spent planning, days of work are lost due to packing and other activities that involve organization in order to have a smooth move. Fortunately, thanks to our moving team and these practical tips, you will know how to move on a tight budget.

Plan ahead

When people need to make big changes, stress is present, but by planning, its intensity can be prevented. Strategic pre-planning can make your move stress-free and budget friendly. Make a checklist to keep track of everything you need to do.

Seasonal moves

Moving during the high season (summer) months is expensive. So if you are looking to save money, moving during the off-season (winter) is the right choice. Most moving companies are often desperate for customers during the colder months, so they reduce their rates. One positive aspect of taking advantage of winter to move to a new city is that most landlords will also have difficulty finding tenants, which means there are likely to be many more vacancies.

Avoid buying boxes for moving

Buying professional moving boxes can significantly increase the total cost of your move and is practically unnecessary. There are several places in town where you can get free boxes; offices and schools are a good place to start. You can also ask your co-workers to hold on to any large boxes they receive. Reaching out to friends and followers on social media can also be a quick way to acquire lots of boxes.

Sort and dispose

Taking unused items to your new home is a big waste of money. Spend a day or two sorting and throwing away what you don’t need for your new home. However, avoid throwing away valuables and large items as you can also have a garage sale to get rid of them.

Moving is an opportunity to get a fresh start in life, so don’t take any extra luggage (other than your selected items) with you to your new home. Specially if you’re trying to downsize, it’s best to sort through the clutter before your move. While it can sometimes be difficult to get rid of items you’ve had for many years, it can be unhealthy to hold on to things that serve no purpose in your life.

Ingenious financing

One way you can get financing for your move is through 0% interest loan offers (you need a perfect credit history to qualify for the best deals). This way, instead of having to find a lot of extra money to finance your move on the spot, you can spread the cost over several months and avoid paying interest.

By making wise decisions and planning according to the tips listed here, you can expect to have a smooth move and relocation. Instead of making the move a stressful event, look at it as an exciting opportunity to start a new life in a new city. You’ll be energized and ready to quickly resolve any minor problems that may arise.