Planning a move to Orlando? Know how to choose the perfect house

Moving home, whether to one located in Orlando or outside this city, involves making a decision. And it is a very important decision, because it is the place where you will go after work to enjoy the intimacy of your family or yourself, as the case may be. Therefore, to choose the ideal house you must take into account many aspects, but we have summarized the most important in our opinion.

As mentioned, this is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Of course, the criteria for choosing a house to move into are very subjective because what is essential for you does not necessarily have to be so for someone else.

However, there are basic aspects that you should be aware of in order not to leave room for improvisation or details that could cause you problems if you’re unaware of them.

Essential items

Generally speaking, people looking to rent or buy a home have three factors in mind: price, location, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

It is necessary to stop at the first point, the price you are going to pay. In the case of a purchase, you must comply with the requirements demanded by a bank to access a mortgage loan, as well as the policies you will need, such as the title and homeowner’s policy.

Location also plays an important role, because the ideal is to choose a house or apartment that is close to your work. In the city of Orlando, traffic is heavy due to the amount of tourists that come to visit, so it is normal to find traffic jams too often. Therefore, the best advice is to set up as close as possible to your workplace to avoid spending long hours commuting back and forth.

Finally, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. This will depend on the number of people who are going to move in, since the idea is that they live comfortably.

For a couple, it is a good idea to have an apartment with one or two bedrooms (the second to accommodate visiting guests) and up to two bathrooms, one for the couple and one for visitors.

If, on the other hand, there are third parties, the situation changes. If there are children, consider having a room for each of them; you can also put the children of the same sex in a bedroom, but in that case the little ones would forget about privacy.

House or apartment?

In Orlando, the decision is conditioned by the location. You will be able to choose one or the other, depending on the sector where you want to live.

The choice will also depend on your tastes and your family’s, as well as the amount of privacy you wish to have. Remember that in a residential building you will run into neighbors more often than in a residential complex, where your neighbor is several meters away.

A house can have, for example, a larger garden and a larger parking lot, while it can have a swimming pool; but the price will be higher, as well as the maintenance it will need.


Distance and accessibility to amenities make the difference and, of course, is a plus. Try to find an option with shopping centers, restaurants, parks and green areas, schools, public transportation, health care centers, supermarkets, sports facilities and entertainment venues nearby. Add that it has highways, avenues and other easy access.

You can use technology to learn a little more about the options you have on the table, thanks to apps and services like Google Maps.

Age of construction and condition of the house

Depending on the age of construction of the building, you will find more or less accessible prices but also more modern, safe and aesthetic structures, with facilities and smart construction.

It is also necessary to observe and test the condition of everything, absolutely everything: air conditioning, faucets, TV antenna, doors, pipes, water heater, air ducts, air extractors, electrical installations, water installations, gas installations, walls, appliances (if any), closets, windows, floors and everything in the property.


This point does not only refer to what you will find inside, but also the condition of the building or the house and even the neighborhood where it is located. It is the letter of introduction of the house you are going to buy or rent to live in.

Emotional factor

Visualizing yourself in the place you are going to buy or rent is a very practical exercise to help you choose your new home.

Let your imagination run wild by creating images of how you will feel living in the place you are about to choose, sitting on the furniture, lying on your bed and doing what you like to do most.

If the images make you feel good, then that’s a good sign. If, on the other hand, there is not much empathy, then it may be an indication that it is not a good idea and you should continue to look at proposals.