Steps you should take when moving to Florida

moving to Florida

Decision made. It’s a fact that you’re moving to Florida and expectations are flying high. Whatever reason led you to choose this beautiful state to lay your foundation, it is always important to broaden your gaze and evaluate certain aspects so that your determination does not lose firmness halfway.

There are several steps to take to face the move. Know what they are:

Choose the city where you will live

Florida has an area of 170,378 square kilometers and is the third most populous city in the United States; so real estate options abound to meet the demand.

In its 67 counties there are many options to choose from. The first thing to choose is where you will live, which will be determined by the reason for your move which, usually, is due to work reasons. In this and other cases, consider:

•    Job opportunities.
•    School’s quality.
•    Crime rate.
•    Taxation.
•    Nearby facilities, such as hospitals, pharmacies, malls, airports, train station, restaurants and other recreational sites.
•    Racial diversity.
•    Climate.
•    Recreational facilities, such as public and national parks, gyms, monuments, stadiums, beaches, among others.
•    Cost of living.

Prepare a budget

There are many expenses involved in moving from one location to another, so you should take pen and paper to check everything that comes from now on and make calculations.

You must include an estimate of the costs of moving your belongings to your new destination, plane ticket, deposit for your new home in case you rent it.

You should have at least three months to survive, while you finish stabilizing in Florida, so you can cover the basic expenses: rent, food, services and transportation.

Close formalities and have important documents on hand

Here is a list of actions you can perform:

•    See your doctor and get copies of your medical records. If you have children, ask your pediatrician for copies of immunizations, prescription drugs, and studies.
•    Also, request copies of birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, among others.
•    Do you have bank accounts? Check with your bank agent if there are agencies in Florida and, if not, close the accounts. Now, if you have outstanding debts, you should settle them.
•    Transfer your correspondence with the postal service you’ll have in your new home.
•    If you have an extremely trustworthy person, consider granting them a power of attorney to represent you in any business if it comes up after the move.

Coordinate the move

As moving experts, we suggest hiring a company to do this heavy work to move to Florida.
Moving implies a level of stress that, added to the rest of the tasks ahead, would only cause you more tension and discomfort. Therefore, the most reasonable thing is to request a quotation and have the specialists in the field.

This way, you can concentrate on matters that require your attention and time as much as or more than the mobilization of your belongings.
Request the quote and we will gladly attend.