The Best Neighborhoods To Live in Orlando

the best neighborhoods to live in Orlando

Orlando is such a great place to lay your foundations and take root. Moving to this beautiful city may give you the opportunity to settle into a growing entity, with tourism as an engine and with a dynamic that doesn’t rest. If you want to move, we present you the best neighborhoods to live in Orlando.

All this translates into an excellent quality of life that can guarantee you and your family stability and the chance to be happy.

Business Insider Rated Orlando as Best City for first time Home Buyers and the reasons are a lot: privileged climate, investments of thousands of dollars, natural spaces that guarantee a cleaner air, excellent work opportunities, very good education, different kinds of transportation and much more. But the options for living also have many points in their favor.


Located west of Orlando, it is a planned neighborhood that has an excellent location. It is spread over 1,805 acres and was developed in the 1980s by Debra, Inc. with the idea of making it a commercial, residential and business community.

At MetroWest you’ll find more than 9,600 residential homes, including apartments, townhouses and condominium complexes, spread across a pristine landscape. In fact, it was awarded Orlando’s City Beautiful award in 2012 for its beautifully manicured grounds, debris-free environment and aesthetically pleasing surroundings.

Neighbors in this community have MetroWest Elementary School, a private institution located on Lake Vilma RD. opened in 1996; and Valencia College, another public school located on Kirkman Rd. that was awarded Best Community College in the U.S. in 2011.

Secondary education is available at Gotha Road High School, Chain of Lakes High School and Olympia High School.


This pretty village is an oasis. It has about 2,855 inhabitants, 784 households and 591 families, according to the 2013 census.

Safe and lushly beautiful, this small town is also known as the “City Between Lakes” because it is surrounded by a chain of lakes: Lake Butler, which connects to 10 other smaller lakes.

Widermere has an excellent quality of life and is rated as one of the best in Orange County.

Doctor Phillips

Welcome to the affluent suburb of Doctor Phillips. In this lively area of upscale residences, restaurants, businesses and shopping centers, you’ll also find farms and golf courses that are defined by their elegance.

This beautiful locality owes its name to Dr. Philip Phillips, a pioneer entrepreneur in the citrus industry who had a 5,000-acre property that he sold in 1953; hence this community was born.

Hunter’s Creek

In the southwest corner of Orange County lies Hunter’s Creek, a 6.5-square-mile locality in which 35 single-family neighborhoods, seven apartment communities, four condominiums and one townhouse neighborhood are developed.

CNN’s Money magazine chose this as the “Best Place to Live in the United States” in 2011, so its nearly 25,000 inhabitants are privileged.

Among other benefits, Hunter’s Creek residents live near several amusement parks, they also live in one of the safest areas of the state, have excellent schools, and have close proximity to excellent restaurants, shopping centers and supermarkets.


Once upon a time there was a beautiful, modern and colorful place called Celebration, which premiered in 1996. Although it sounds like a fairy tale, this community does exist and was created following Walt Disney’s instructions.

Located in the city of Kissimmee, Celebration is a dream place, but expensive; moreover, it has such strict rules as not letting the grass in the gardens grow too much, otherwise there will be a fine. However, there is a justification for such strict rules: this is a tourist destination that attracts millions of people who want to visit the place created by the genius behind Mickey Mouse and his empire.

This is a safe place, with all the amenities a family could need and, above all, quality of life.

Lake Nona

Also known as the Medical City for its health reference in the region, Lake Nona is a locality that is in rapid development. It is located in the east of Orlando and is characterized for being secluded and reserved, as well as for being close to the Orlando International Airport.

Another advantage of its inhabitants is that they have the nearest beach just a few minutes away; in normal conditions, they can enjoy the sun and sand in just 30 minutes.