How to Distinguish a Good Moving Company

Moving Company

A move is full of expectations and realities. You may be relocating just around the corner or across the country, Orlando being one of the destinations, but there are always many details you need to take into account to make the process successful and get everything in perfect condition. To achieve the goal, you can consider hiring a moving company with experience, like Nice Guy Movers Orlando.

Is it a good idea? The answer will depend on many factors. Just as there are responsible and serious companies that don’t miss any detail, there are also options that are a real headache and that could leave you disappointed.

Take notes of the things you should consider when hiring the services of a company of this type in order to choose intelligently.


Listing the assets you’re moving is always a good idea. Try doing it yourself and then ask the company you hire to make another listing, share them and have two copies of each document handy during the move process.

This inventory will allow to calculate an estimate of the price of the service. In other words, it will be the basis for the budget.

Additional costs

There are extra rates that can be included last minute at the total cost of the move. A good removal company warns you of these possibilities before closing the deal, instead of offering deceptive amounts that, in the end, will only cause you problems and discomfort, and you don’t need more stress and tiredness in your plate, especially in the middle of a move.

Please note that charges may be added for loading and unloading or, perhaps, for packaging; these unexpected amounts will depend on the particularities of your move.

Previous visits

The contracted service should include a prior visit to the place from where the move is made to the place where their belongings will be dismantled, in order to know aspects as important as the entrances and exits, where the van will be parked and any other detail that could complicate the task.

This visit will avoid unnecessary delays. It is like an identification of the terrain before getting to work.


We know that your items can be special to you, whether they cost a lot or a few dollars. If you hire a company, it is mandatory that the workers in charge of moving your waxes treat them as if they were theirs, having the delicacy ahead of them especially with the most delicate objects, such as glass, crockery, mirrors, among others.


For your peace of mind, a professional removal company should offer an insurance coverage that suits your needs. Ask for the option of ensuring your move so that you have nothing to worry about.