Learn about the types of moving trucks and which is the most suitable one

Every moving company must be responsible for the service it provides. It is not only about moving belongings from one place to another, but also about knowing how to handle any aspect or inconvenience that may arise in the process. That is why companies have to work strictly, since the objects belong to customers, therefore, they are extremely important.

Within the care of the belongings are the material used for wrapping and packing, the way in which each item is stored, space management within the boxes and, last but not least, the choice of the ideal vehicle to move the objects safely and smoothly.

Why is the choice of vehicle type so important in a move?

When the company selects a vehicle for a specific move, it observes several fundamental aspects that the car must comply with. In addition, it evaluates the context to know which one is ideal, i.e., sizes, weights, distance, quantities, among others.

There may be the possibility of choosing the wrong vehicle for the move, which would be a blunder on the part of the company, as it could cause irreparable damage.

What are the characteristics that a moving vehicle should have?

  • Padding: it is necessary for every moving truck to have a padded structure to ensure the safety of the belongings. Therefore, all the walls of the truck should be padded. They are generally hired for moving very delicate items.

  • Fastening mechanisms: this is a fundamental characteristic. The straps work precisely to hold the entire load and secure the move correctly.

  • Lifting platform: it is a great help to load any kind of goods without damaging them. Almost all trucks have this feature.

Types of moving vehicles

Rigid moving trucks

This type of vehicle is made up of a main cabin, which is where the driver of the truck is located, and a box, which is where the belongings are stored. Their main characteristic is precisely that they are rigid, since they have an indivisible structure, so both the cab and the box are part of the same structure.

Generally, rigid moving trucks tend to be smaller than other types of articulated trucks. Therefore, they are perfect for smaller moves.

Articulated moving trucks

Their main feature lies in the fact that they are trucks made up of a traction unit or semi-trailers. In addition, they are those that use axle and wheel systems, which allow the articulation of the parts to be kept together.

They have a great capacity to bear weight, therefore, they are used by those who own heavy belongings and large volumes.

Tarpaulin truck

These are called tauliners, i.e., trailers that are covered on the top and sides, used for those moves that are difficult to load. The advantage of this type is that they are highly adaptable, so the process can be quite comfortable.