Nice Guy Movers Orlando: Our Storage Facilities

Storage Facilities in Orlando

Nice Guy Movers has a service that goes beyond moving your belongings. We also have highly qualified storage facilities for you to confidently store the items you require. You can sleep peacefully, knowing that your things are in the best hands or, rather, in the best facilities.

There is no better place for your heritage to rest. We will briefly explain why we are the best option, with insurmountable conditions for your calm and ours.

Qualified staff

Our team members will be present at all times. There’s not a single 24-hour-a-day moment that our guys don’t take care of everything that rests in this facility.

The secret of our system lies in the combination of responsibility and central monitoring of the facilities, so that no detail is overlooked. You wont find a better qualified option than our infallible care!

Controlled climate

It doesn’t matter the weather outside. In Nice Guy Movers you will always have special care with storage in proper temperature conditions, no matter how long you do outside.

In our spaces there will always be perfect humidity and lighting to ensure the care of your belongings, with the sole aim of taking care of them. Our intention is that no factor will adversely affect directly or indirectly the quality of your goods.


There are technological resources that allow us to guarantee, as detailed above, the temperature, humidity and monitoring of our facilities, all at a reasonable price.

However, there may be some failure of technological resources and we are also ahead of a scenario like that. As a team we are prepared for a hypothetical case of electrical failure by natural or human conditions, so you can sleep peacefully, knowing that there are contingency plans designed to protect each of your belongings.

Rest assured that this is the perfect site with a perfect price.

Storage time

Whether your new address is unavailable for immediate removal, for whatever reason, you can find in our storage facilities the most suitable place to guard any object, even a small pin.

We fit your requirement, for a short or long term. For added peace of mind, you can order the full service of packing and movement of belongings from your old address, to our facilities and when the time comes, to your new location.

Our facilities

Our storage facilities consist of large spaces with cupboards, high shelves and other tools that help contain your merchandise, all adaptable to the type of object to be stored, to provide the care that is needed.

Forget the dust, there’s no room for that here. There’s no room for discomfort or clutter either.

In this sense, know some of the tools we have at your disposal:

  • Shelving system with doors
  • Shelving system with sliding doors
  • Drawer racks
  • Sliding shelves
  • Shelves with a mobile base
  • Metal cabinets