Learn how to pack crockery for a move

There are many objects in a house that are difficult to pack for moving, but the most fragile ones are certainly in the kitchen. Generally speaking, most dishes, glasses, some cutlery, ornaments, pots and pans, and household appliances are made of extremely delicate materials, which is why they need to be cared for very differently from other household items.

Crockery is one of the utensils that are most likely to get damaged, precisely because they are not packed in the right way. These items are often important gifts handed down from generation to generation, making them very meaningful.

How should dishes be packed during a move?

Although the way in which delicate belongings are packed is fundamental, their care also depends on many factors that provide protection. These include the moving truck and its comfort, the materials used, and the time required for the transfer. Clearly, without the right tools, it is not possible to achieve proper protection.

Most of the time, plates, cups, and glasses are simply packed with newspaper and placed in a cardboard box. But, sometimes that this is not enough. Therefore:

How to pack glasses

It is important to know that each glassware must have its own space, since contact between them may cause them to break. Therefore, it is recommended to place a piece of paper or any other object that prevents such contact between the glasses. On the other hand, when they are placed in the box, they must have padded support on the floor.

How to pack glass plates

They should be placed in cardboard boxes just like cups and glasses. However, the plates must have a double paper cover because they are heavy and easy to break. They should also have support on the sides and bottom of the boxes. Another suggestion is to place them vertically and not horizontally, since this way it is much easier to take care of them and keep them in the right place.

What materials should be used?

  • Cardboard boxes: this is the most important product for storing any belongings, especially those made of fragile materials such as crockery and cutlery.
  • Bubble bag: this is a must-have item for any move, in this case, it acts as a protective layer for glass and ceramic objects.
  • Paper: it will help wrap fragile belongings. It cannot be missing among the packing materials.

It is essential to learn the methods and materials for wrapping crockery, since everyone owns plates, glasses, cups, ornaments, among other glass objects. Therefore, it is crucial to have at least the aforementioned tools.

It is always important to ensure the safety of your belongings so that they do not suffer any kind of damage when moving from one place to another, especially when moving internationally.