Types of cardboard boxes you need for your move

When planning a move, it is essential to look for the right materials to pack the belongings that will be taken during the move, since without them, the objects could suffer unfavorable damages.

In order to avoid any type of accident, it is necessary to find suitable boxes for the objects, for instance, it is not possible to store things in a rectangular box when the items are heavy and square. So, first of all, you have to analyze very well the type of products you have in order to determine which boxes can be used without any problem.

On the other hand, it is necessary to know the different types of boxes in order to simplify the moving process.

Most important types of boxes to use when moving

It is important to know that this storage instrument varies according to its material, size and functionality. The most common are made of cardboard due to their versatility, but there are also boxes made of materials such as wood, iron, among others. If the box is made of cardboard, the person must make sure that:

  • The material is quite firm and at least has several lids to prevent any kind of damage caused by the weight of the belongings.

  • It is good to verify that they are not wet either, since this could weaken the product, making it break more easily. Also, they must be perfectly clean, otherwise they could damage or stain directly the objects stored in them.

As for the size

The size is going to depend entirely on the type of box you want to use. For example:

  • Hanging closet: usually measures 24in x 24in x 44in.
  • Flat closet: typically measures 36 in x 21in x 10in.
  • Barrel: typically measures 20 in x 20in x 30in.
  • Assorted use: typically measures 20 in x 20in x 17in.
  • Standard box: typically measures 23 in x 11in x 12in.
  • Book box: typically measures 20 in x 13in x 13in.

So, what are the four most necessary boxes for a move?

Closet box

It is very useful because its main function is to provide a closet where you can hang different types of delicate clothes. It is very good when it comes to transporting clothes in an orderly way without getting wrinkles in the process. It has many varieties in heights, therefore, you have to identify the type of clothes you want to store in it.

Boxes with handles

They are very convenient because they have an opening on the sides, which allows them to be moved more easily from one place to another. They are highly resistant so the weight can vary.

Boxes with cells

They are perfect to obtain greater organization in relation to the belongings. Usually people use them to store dishes, plates, glasses or any object that is small and delicate. They are also very versatile because you can play with the sizes.

Cardboard dividers

Although they are not boxes as such, they can come in quite handy when organizing a move, especially when you want to make small or large divisions.

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