About full service movers in Orlando, FL

Anyone who is moving between homes or apartments in Orlando will need to choose what type of moving company to use. The two most common types are self-service movers and full-service movers. Self-service movers are largely hands-off and require the homeowners to pack everything. Full-service moving companies in the city provide a number of additional services that make moving easier.

full service Packing and Unpacking

Nearly all full-service Orlando local movers offer packing and unpacking services to families. The movers will come to the house with professional packing supplies. The professionals will go from room to room wrapping items in packaging and then carefully placing them into boxes for the trip. This includes wrapping furniture in moving blankets. Some full-service movers will even unpack items at the new location under the direction of the homeowner. Packing and unpacking services can save a large amount of time and stress.


Some full-service movers will handle every aspect of moving an appliance. This service is often offered by Orlando corporate moving companies. The movers will actually disconnect appliances or even electronics. The appliance is secured and protected before being taken out to the moving truck. Appliance service takes the stress out of disconnecting refrigerators or ovens before the move begins. The full-service company might even reconnect the appliances in the new home if the proper plumbing and wiring is already in place.

professional moving assistance Moving

Professional full-service Orlando local movers also handle the task of transporting everything in the home to the new location. Some self-service movers will simply load a truck and then leave. Full-service movers will load the truck, will make sure all boxes and furniture are secure and will then drive the truck to the new destination. A family is free to get to the new home or apartment independent of the truck. Full-service movers make it easy to safely transport all personal possessions across the sometime busy and confusing roads in Orlando.

Special Services

Some full-service movers in Orlando will offer families special moving services that deal with valuable or fragile items. A common service is handling valuable pieces of artwork like sculptures or paintings. Experienced full-service movers can often provide specialized packaging that protects the artwork. Some full-service movers also provide temporary storage space if the family needs to keep larger items in a safe location while closing on a house or signing a lease on a new apartment. These extra services can make a difference during a complex move.