Frequently Asked Questions about Moving Out (Answered by the Nice Guys)

Moving out is reason for an extensive lineup of questions, and some of the times unanswered by specialists dedicated to moving and relocation. Changing your location can occur as an idea or a sudden necessity, but try to see the silver lining of it and everything will eventually fall into its place. Below Nice Guy Movers Orlando is pleased to answer and debunk some concerns about the moving process.

Frequently Asked Questions about Moving Out

When is the best time to move out?

Well, as they say ‘when you gotta go, you gotta go’ right? There are several factors you should consider when deciding when to move and if they are flexible to you. Sometimes it depends on whether you want options or you just want to save some money. However, if you have the choice to plan your moving date we’d suggest spring or late fall seasons, they would be ideal times of the year to move out because it’ll be easier to find several options of moving companies since they are likely to have less workload than on other seasons. Now, if what you are looking for is the best time to save you some money from the moving process then you should look after days when people aren’t planning their next move, which commonly is during the middle week. Friday in particular is the worst day to move out since the rates tend to rise by the demand plus movers have a lot of reservations going on for the weekend.

When should I start looking for a moving company?

As soon as possible. As it is recommended that you should look for some prospects through recommendations and then go online to do a quick background check to be able to compare between three to four moving companies, then you must start doing a screening of your most solid options of moving helpers right after you have found out about the move, so you may book with the ones that have fulfilled all your removal necessities. We recommend you not to wait until the last two weeks before your move to book with a moving company because your chances to hire the moving company that you have wanted to help you out at a specific day and time will be slim.  

How long will it take movers to move all my stuff? 

You’ll need to consider several aspects right here since you need to have in mind unexpected situations that may slow down your move. Even though loading is previously planned by the moving company there could be circumstances like for instance the size of the house or if you have any special items you want to be moved like a piano, sculptures, or paintings that require careful carrying you should let the moving company know about it before to take proper care of them and accelerate the process of loading. Other aspects may be weather and traffic, but to which the process of loading and unloading concerns movers know how to pack and load a moving truck just like a Tetris game so it won’t take them long. If you are in a rush what you should do here is to look for a moving company that can offer you packing services so you can consider your things packed while you take care of other matters.


What differs from one moving company to another?

There are different aspects you might have to pay attention, which is why you should have material to compare. There are different types of movers; local movers, long distance movers, interstate movers, corporate movers, international movers, there are also specialized movers who are the ones that take care of special items or equipment and have specified skills to handle such situations. However, if we are talking about local moves there is not much difference in the process of loading and unloading, or getting your belongings from one short point to another, what may vary are the  estimate rules, the type of extra services that they can offer, like packing services, storage units, and some other supplies. There are some movers who will either deliver to you only one of the services just mentioned or provide you a full service.


If you are soon to move within the state don’t hesitate to give us a call and a representative will be happy to provide you a free estimate and answer any other doubt or concern you have for the moving process. NICE GUY MOVERS ORLANDO makes sure that you can start the next chapter of your life with a smile from ear to ear.

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