Discover the Easiest Way to Move Large Furniture Alone

shutterstock_3332127621.Find the Right Equipment for the Job

Let’s start with the most essential thing you need to do. In order to move any heavy household item, you need the right equipment, and this includes:

-Furniture sliders;-Moving straps
-Moving dolly
-Packing paper, bubble wrap, and tape

Furniture sliders are pieces of durable plastic and rubber that allow you to slide heavy furniture and other items across all types of surfaces. All you need to do is place a slider under each corner or leg of the item and then you’re ready to move it.

Moving straps connect to your shoulders and work by lifting the weight off your back and transferring it to stronger muscle groups.

A moving dolly can be a two-wheel hand truck or a four-wheel platform. Either way, it’s one of the best pieces of equipment you can use for moving large furniture. Just make sure to secure the furniture on the wheeled assistant and have another person there to guide to as you take the piece of furniture outside.

Finally, you’ll also need packing paper, packing bubble wrap, and tape to wrap your pieces of furniture before moving them just so you don’t damage them. You can purchase all of the above from a local home goods store.

2.Remove the Components

Breaking down the pieces of furniture will significantly reduce the weight you have to lift on a single load. You’ll need to remove loose pieces such as gliders, chair swivels, casters, table legs, and any other detachable furniture parts.

3.Apply Dish-washing Detergent on the Kitchen Floor

No, it’s not a joke. Heavy kitchen appliances can be moved with less effort if you apply dish-washing detergent or something greasy to the floor because it decreases friction. So, if you need to move a refrigerator or a washing machine, you might just be able to do it yourself. But you do need to keep in mind that there’s a real risk of slipping and you may even lose control over the kitchen appliance.

4.Make a Ramp for the Stairs

Moving heavy furniture up or down the stairs is quite a challenge. You could do it by placing two boards as ramps and pushing the item up or down on its side. Alternatively, you could place a rug or durable sheet beneath the piece of furniture and simply pull it. But this is also tricky because you may damage the floor surface, so be careful.

These are the most useful tips for moving heavy furniture alone, but before you get started it’s always best to assess the weight and size of your furniture. Know your limits and don’t get into something you’re not sure you can complete safely. There are plenty of moving companies that can help you out.