How does lighting influence an apartment, is it necessary to think about it before moving?

A move involves many things, including the organization of belongings, planning in relation to time, stress and how to channel it, and not only that, but also thinking about the details of the interior design that you want in your new home. Of course, the latter comes after the moving process, which, although it is not a direct part of what it entails, is related because it starts to be done immediately after unpacking the belongings in the new place.

However, a very important aspect of interior design, in addition to achieving a strategic way of using the spaces, is to place the lighting in each room very well. Believe it or not, this aspect plays a fundamental role since it can save artificial light -electricity- to a certain extent if a smart job is done.

How can lighting influence an apartment?

This point is important to evaluate before moving in, for two reasons:

  • As it plays a transcendental role and cannot be ignored, it is better to visualize which are the key places in the new home to increase, reinforce or impart lighting in each room.
  • It is advisable to make this evaluation without having any boxes or obstacles that may hinder the analysis.

Lighting in the kitchen

This space is one of the most important in the house, since it is usually the most frequented by the inhabitants of the home and visitors for that matter. Therefore, it has to be fairly illuminated in certain areas.

An example of this may be the place where the family sits to share, either for snack, breakfast, lunch and indeed dinner. So, recessed lights are perfect because they tend to give a uniform light. On the other hand, pendant lamps can also help to illuminate various spaces in the kitchen in the right way.

Dining room lighting

Undoubtedly, this is a space that the owners of the new building should take care of. Since, it is precisely where social gatherings are held. One option could be ceiling lamps or chandeliers that give a simple but glamorous touch to the dining room.

Living room lighting

In the living room you can play a lot with the design of the lamps, and if the space allows it with natural lighting, most of the time there are large windows that allow sunlight or natural light to enter without any problem. If this is not the case, then one option could be the track lamps, they give you the possibility to move, turn and rotate them.

Bathroom lighting

When it comes to bathroom lighting, you should think very well which are the favorable points to position a lamp, since, if they are placed on the mirrors, but are in an inappropriate position could generate unfavorable events, for example, when a woman is applying makeup. It is recommended that they are white lights that illuminate from the front to be able to see all the details.

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