How to recycle during your move?

The most common materials used in a move are cardboard boxes, plastic, bags, and paper sheets, among others. Thing is, that all those materials can become a polluting factor if they’re not recycled. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to reuse and recycle the materials involved in your move.

However, even today there is little awareness of this fact, so people tend to throw away the boxes or any other tools used in the move. What is really important is to take that first step toward helping the environment with eco-friendly actions.

How to recycle in a move? Where to start?

As described above, the materials used tend to pollute the environment easier than you might think. However, if you want to carry out a successful move without damaging any household goods, plastic, boxes, and adhesive tapes, among others, must be used. And that’s not a bad thing. They can be reused or recycled without any problem.

Start your eco-friendly move like this:

Donate, sell or give away anything that you think won’t work for you, but is in good condition. For example, clothes, shoes, decorative ornaments, household appliances, sheets, or anything else. The best thing to do is to take to with you only those items that you are really going to use.

Before using plastic such as bubble bags, think of ways to replace them. If not, use it only for specific objects that really need it.

Towels or sheets made of thick fabrics are perfect for wrapping belongings such as pots or utensils that are fragile.

After the move

  1. Everything can be reusable if you put your mind to it. Therefore, instead of storing the boxes, they can be used as a decorative element for the new home. For example, you can make a dollhouse for the little ones, shelves, or any other creative craft.

  2. Bubble wrap can be stored. Don’t throw it away after just one use. You can use it in a future move or in any other activity that may require it.

  3. Donating these materials to someone who is in the same circumstance is a very kind gesture. With this, you will help the environment and someone in need.

Reuse and recycling should be a priority for everyone nowadays. As moving is an activity where many plastic materials are used, it is necessary to know different factors that help the planet in the best possible way.

Exploit your creativity and use it to save the planet!